Stray Kids "강박 (방찬, 현진)” Video

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "강박 (방찬, 현진)” Video

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  1. zeyii fth

    zeyii fth

    Pred hodinou

    I really love this song..T-T

  2. Екатерина Васильева

    Екатерина Васильева

    Pred hodinou

    Я так и вижу эту музыку фоном к какому-то нереально крутому парфюму. Прям что-то типа Paco Rabbane)))

  3. Pred hodinou

    1M lik3s, this masterpiece deserves for it!

  4. Martina Odei

    Martina Odei

    Pred hodinou

    What kind of toxic relationship am I seeing 😳

  5. Johnny Boi

    Johnny Boi

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  6. 할라나 Halanna

    할라나 Halanna

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    Red Light에서 현진과 방찬의 연기는 우리를 할 말없이 만들었습니다. 내가 할 말은: 이 공연은 독특합니다!

  7. Bbokari Adeknya Felix

    Bbokari Adeknya Felix

    Pred hodinou

    Naik terus, apa ga panas dingin? Hnggg?

  8. 소현


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    야 이 솔직한 사람들아 조회수 그만 올렼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. 굿모닝


    Pred hodinou

    뭐야 강박 조회수 꾸준히 잘 오르네 울 스테이들 이런 컨셉에 진심이구나 어제 찬이"방" 에서 찬이 표정 잊을 수가 없다 ㅎ 가볍게 천만 고고~

  10. cherry


    Pred hodinou

    I'll try to explain the lyrics For example (chan): he doesn't need to go all the time to the studio, write, produce. but still his body moves itself to--just like the song says "i can't leave you alone" talking about the relationship between that part of him who maybe wants to rest and do other things, and his "other part" This might be what he meant: the song is about a "toxic" dependency or obsession in which you don't do something by choice. His artist self is as if it's an entity that pushes him to make music, because of pressure. Yes, the heavy breathing in the song and everything else was added so that the concept would be sexy and all. Good for them

  11. ❦ Advice ❦

    ❦ Advice ❦

    Pred hodinou

    Burda kimse var mii

  12. Carolina Diaz

    Carolina Diaz

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Tiene vibras de Hyunjin, pero yo se que la escribió Bang Chan

  13. ashley s

    ashley s

    Pred 2 hodinami

    i love their vocals JKSKDJKWJ IM DEAD

  14. Alison Lefebvre

    Alison Lefebvre

    Pred 2 hodinami


  15. kaviona Edwards

    kaviona Edwards

    Pred 2 hodinami

    I love it!!!!!

  16. Lamia


    Pred 2 hodinami

    Ommmmmmggggg This crazy voice touched my heart ..This melody is perfect

  17. yo


    Pred 2 hodinami


  18. Ashley Avila

    Ashley Avila

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Amo esta canción y Chan echándole la culpa de sentirse extraño JAJA, lo amo

  19. Siti Arpiah

    Siti Arpiah

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Merinding denger lagunya. Ditambah Chan sama Hyunjin yang look nya sexy, auto meninggoy.

  20. Maritza Almanza

    Maritza Almanza

    Pred 2 hodinami

    I’m still not okay

  21. 💕jisoo🍓✨


    Pred 2 hodinami

    اخخخ قلبييي

  22. Meher Nesa

    Meher Nesa

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Of their is any blink i dont want to create any fundom war but i love this song more then lalisa by lisa😌

  23. Ranim Gheelan

    Ranim Gheelan

    Pred 2 hodinami

    i watched this at school i was like whatt......

  24. Meghna Chopra

    Meghna Chopra

    Pred 2 hodinami

    "maybe it's a little...racy" - hyunjin, 2021

  25. Ociris Bravo

    Ociris Bravo

    Pred 2 hodinami

    RED LIGHT es una hermosa canción . Las voces hermoso .

  26. Ociris Bravo

    Ociris Bravo

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Ya va a llegar a 1M de like

    • ❦ Advice ❦

      ❦ Advice ❦

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  27. Ociris Bravo

    Ociris Bravo

    Pred 2 hodinami

    19 tendencia música . Str34m a thunderous STAY preoridad .

  28. cherry


    Pred 2 hodinami

    3:03 he rolled his eyes so much I bet he could his own brain lmao how do you even do that

  29. Aina Adekunmi

    Aina Adekunmi

    Pred 2 hodinami

    That eye roll at the end gets me every time😈

  30. Shannel Neumann

    Shannel Neumann

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Ok who wanna come to my funeral

  31. uwu


    Pred 2 hodinami


  32. Lix


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  33. Yukary Stone

    Yukary Stone

    Pred 2 hodinami


  34. ❦ Advice ❦

    ❦ Advice ❦

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Hadi 1m beğeni olcak mutoslar

  35. shasha


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  36. elcise


    Pred 2 hodinami

    is this ..... is this allowed? is this legal? 😳😳

  37. Michelle Tavares

    Michelle Tavares

    Pred 2 hodinami


  38. Анастасия Садовская

    Анастасия Садовская

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Это потрясающе

  39. Nicole QCh

    Nicole QCh

    Pred 3 hodinami

    18 en tendencias... prioridades de stay

  40. Angela Rdz

    Angela Rdz

    Pred 3 hodinami

    5, 650

  41. Suzane da silva

    Suzane da silva

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Propriedades 🔥😳

  42. Victória Sara

    Victória Sara

    Pred 3 hodinami


  43. MinSung


    Pred 3 hodinami

    #27 on trending

  44. LIA


    Pred 3 hodinami

    50 shades of stray kids

  45. paolaqueso_8🧀


    Pred 3 hodinami

    Estos dos hombres son perfectos

  46. Maria Reeetoo

    Maria Reeetoo

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Пока самая любимая песня у скизов!

  47. elif


    Pred 3 hodinami

    1m beğeni olcak le

  48. HaGeR EzZ

    HaGeR EzZ

    Pred 3 hodinami

    24/7 red lights mood

  49. Reaccionando ando K-POP

    Reaccionando ando K-POP

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Esta canción está a otro pinche nivel del K-pop, ALV es una canción super cachonda y artística, SKZ hace música incomparable.

  50. LIPS


    Pred 3 hodinami


  51. I dont really know

    I dont really know

    Pred 3 hodinami

    this is like house of cards the melody is just strong and vibing but it has a deep meaning

  52. Pauwu


    Pred 3 hodinami

    Literal se me ponen los pelos de punta con esta canción WOW

  53. zeyn


    Pred 3 hodinami

    Aklim bombos kalbim sarhos baska bisey dusunemiyorummm

  54. Insecurity_cos


    Pred 3 hodinami

    This MV is a masterpiece. The entire concept of it is just phenomenal

  55. Milagros Ibarra

    Milagros Ibarra

    Pred 3 hodinami

    this is the hottest thing I've ever seen

  56. Jade


    Pred 3 hodinami

    Glorious 🔥

  57. Tiziana Perez

    Tiziana Perez

    Pred 3 hodinami

    I'm 5 B)

  58. Tiziana Perez

    Tiziana Perez

    Pred 3 hodinami


  59. Tiziana Perez

    Tiziana Perez

    Pred 3 hodinami


  60. Tiziana Perez

    Tiziana Perez

    Pred 3 hodinami


  61. Magaly Gamarra

    Magaly Gamarra

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Dioss que lindos

  62. Gabriella Freire

    Gabriella Freire

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Eu n tava preparada pra isso

  63. Tiziana Perez

    Tiziana Perez

    Pred 3 hodinami


  64. namjoons_lost_airpods


    Pred 3 hodinami

    R.I.P my replay button

  65. Sharon Masis

    Sharon Masis

    Pred 3 hodinami

    ¡ Viva Chanjin ! ¡VIVAAA!

  66. __Corredora Stilinski__

    __Corredora Stilinski__

    Pred 3 hodinami

    I really love this MV. The concept, the details, the aesthetics and what to say about the excellent work of the boys. I love how everything complements each other. Thank you for this masterpiece Bangchan and Hyunjin. I love you and I am very proud of both of you!

  67. d^=b[	,7'

    d^=b[ ,7'

    Pred 3 hodinami

    هاي اغنيه صارت ادمان.... احب سترايد كيدز

  68. CC H

    CC H

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Beautifully done. It feels like it has a little Taemin influence.

  69. Sura Ababneh

    Sura Ababneh

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Is it available on Spotify, if it is what is its name?

    • Шайен


      Pred 3 hodinami

      Red Lights

  70. wellysitha#jewecal


    Pred 3 hodinami

    bunu annenize veya babaniza gosterirseniz iki secenek var anneniz ve babaniz kordur ve muzigi duyar ne guzel muzik der ama kor degilse olursunuz

  71. Andrea lala

    Andrea lala

    Pred 3 hodinami

    dios que buena canción

  72. Bilge Su

    Bilge Su

    Pred 3 hodinami

    Wow! Yet another song about DRIVING!

  73. ikrame hourch

    ikrame hourch

    Pred 3 hodinami

    This psycho crazy concept is absolutley made for Chan and Hyunjin, from the music to the dance to the atmosphere of the MV plus the facial expressions it's a masterpiece.

    • Угонщик запорожцев

      Угонщик запорожцев

      Pred 2 hodinami

      *ВСЕ ИЩУТ ЭТУ ПЕСНЮ:* ** 🎸 🎹... 🎤 🔥......

  74. AEL Léa

    AEL Léa

    Pred 3 hodinami

    OMG tout est parfait !! Les expressions la musique, les frissons

  75. givana shakir

    givana shakir

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Mr bang is ready to see you now

  76. Taemin jeon

    Taemin jeon

    Pred 4 hodinami

    This is so crazy

  77. aesvly


    Pred 4 hodinami


  78. aesvly


    Pred 4 hodinami


  79. aesvly


    Pred 4 hodinami


  80. Queen of Misery

    Queen of Misery

    Pred 4 hodinami

    te amo chan ._.

  81. Anna Augustinová

    Anna Augustinová

    Pred 4 hodinami

    This is so cool!

  82. Mar Est

    Mar Est

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Amo todooooo

  83. ana


    Pred 4 hodinami

    4K y llega al 1M!

  84. Marinya


    Pred 4 hodinami

    Both of them are perfectionists. This song and MV comes to us with deeper meaning.

  85. Mariam Tarek04

    Mariam Tarek04

    Pred 4 hodinami


  86. Rainberry


    Pred 4 hodinami

    This is a bdsm fanfic in ao3 and I really like the concept

  87. America Rondon

    America Rondon

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Yo quiero ver la coreografía

  88. Halima Hussen Aadan

    Halima Hussen Aadan

    Pred 4 hodinami

    first good thing theyve released in a while. wow.

  89. Esra Şakacı

    Esra Şakacı

    Pred 4 hodinami

    olağanüstü ya çıkamıyorum içinden

  90. ` Seungwie_ 💜

    ` Seungwie_ 💜

    Pred 4 hodinami


  91. animethingz


    Pred 4 hodinami

    oh-😏 s u s 🙌

  92. ingrid peres

    ingrid peres

    Pred 4 hodinami

    muito serelepes esses garotos

  93. Areej Amjad

    Areej Amjad

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Truely Master piece.. can't say anything else

  94. Rachel_Stay❤SKZ


    Pred 4 hodinami

    Your mind makes it more sexy then it actually is lol

  95. Areej Amjad

    Areej Amjad

    Pred 4 hodinami

    0:32 and 1:28 my fav jaw dropping.. literally drooling...😅



    Pred 4 hodinami


  97. Cam_vsp


    Pred 4 hodinami

    Enserio megnifico mejor duo no pudieron escoger para este estilo 😭🤚

  98. Felix's Egg

    Felix's Egg

    Pred 4 hodinami

    This is too good

  99. Lankam Korang

    Lankam Korang

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Are they both gay here..sorry I mean it's 2:40 and I'm dying watching them

  100. باران فلاحت

    باران فلاحت

    Pred 4 hodinami

    You were amazing.. no word can't show how I love this