Lionel Messi - ALL 700 Career Goals

My biggest work up to date! Lionel Messi ALL his 700 career goals in one video! Sit back and enjoy almost one hour of Messi scoring all his goals. Please drop a like, subscribe my channel (and turn on the notifications) to not miss a single upload! Thank you!
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Messi's 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ career goals
441 ⚽ La Liga
053 ⚽ Copa del Rey
114 ⚽ UCL
014 ⚽ Supercopa
003 ⚽ Eur Super Cup
005 ⚽ Club World Cup
06 ⚽ World Cup
21 ⚽ World Cup Qual.
09 ⚽ Copa América
34 ⚽ Int. friendlies

Messi's 700 goals for club and country...
16 seasons
862 appearances
294 assists

Messi's favourite opponents for Barcelona:
37 ⚽ Sevilla (39 games)
32 ⚽ Atletico (41)
28 ⚽ Valencia (34)
26 ⚽ Real Madrid (43)
25 ⚽ Espanyol (34)
24 ⚽ Athletic (37)
23 ⚽ Real Betis (22)

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    i'm lovin' it

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    Random Avenger

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    When the doctor give you just one hour of life (x234)

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    Bis channel

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    I watched the whole video while sleeping, I always put AutoPlay on, and while watching soccer compilations I guess, I slept, coz I was so tired. I am RMA fan (I don't hate Messi, but I am not his fan) and when I saw the red bar under the video (that means I already watched the video) I was totally shocked

  32. Santiago Criado

    Santiago Criado

    Pred 15 dňami

    Me parece una locura como en 57 minutos te describen la carrera de un tipo en más de 15 años en la élite , SVwhite es lo más cercano a una MAQUINA DEL TIEMPO , ÉPICO VIDEO quede con miedo al final , como un tipo hace tantos goles de diferentes gustos y colores , (son 700 es entendible ) y yo recuerdo que los gorditos de mi barrio que sin ofenderlos pero a puras lágrimas podían hacer un golsito feo en los F5 y tienen el valor de llamarle fracasado o pecho frío a este legendario futbolista Argentino

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      Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel

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    Ezi rulez 4 eva

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