The Next Money Pit Project Car Revealed

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It’s time we say goodbye to our Miata … it won’t be forever BUT we have a brand spankin new car! We have big plans for our new build so stop reading this and go watch the vid!

We have a new channel!

Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

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  1. Ian Klingensmith

    Ian Klingensmith

    Pred 6 minútami

    Rally bmw…. Hmmmm…. Couldn’t have imagined Anything more expensive huh 🤔

  2. j acob

    j acob

    Pred 34 minútami

    Go hubie

  3. AKZ_Panda


    Pred 38 minútami

    Money Pit x Chris Fix video 👀

  4. Brandon Melikian

    Brandon Melikian

    Pred 48 minútami

    Aren't all bmw money pits? (Rhetorical) ..could tell it was one of these pos just from the thumbnail

  5. Blue Magoo

    Blue Magoo

    Pred 56 minútami

    Knew it was an e36 but damn man, why didn’t y’all do a good ol Swedish brick (Volvo)

  6. urqute


    Pred hodinou

    Shoulda just got a manual subie

  7. Dondor Rapsang

    Dondor Rapsang

    Pred hodinou

    0:29 please somebody tell me what car is that behind jobe....

  8. Nefarious CJ

    Nefarious CJ

    Pred hodinou

    When do we get the 86

  9. Ricks Refurbished

    Ricks Refurbished

    Pred hodinou

    Scouring old peoples junkyards out in the county because you're poor > using ebay motors

  10. Torka


    Pred 2 hodinami

    different show, but clearly we now need a Hi Low rally edition

  11. Jeremiah


    Pred 3 hodinami

    BMW? No thanks, not even remotely interested now..

  12. Christopher Butler

    Christopher Butler

    Pred 3 hodinami

    really thought he was gonna go subaru :(((((

  13. FaZe Cursed

    FaZe Cursed

    Pred 3 hodinami

    this is gonna be a stocky 100%.

  14. misolou fout

    misolou fout

    Pred 4 hodinami

    I love that this one episode already paid for the whole car.

  15. ThatMotoVlogger


    Pred 4 hodinami

    Watching the grip tape scratch his mac......

  16. Josh Frede

    Josh Frede

    Pred 4 hodinami

    e36’s are too cool to destroy doing rally 😭

  17. chantel rhine

    chantel rhine

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Lol the car with the most expensive parts

  18. Simon Holmqvist

    Simon Holmqvist

    Pred 5 hodinami

    I'm a bit sad that it wasn't a volvo 240, but oh well xD

    • misolou fout

      misolou fout

      Pred 4 hodinami

      Take a shot every time he says minty fresh…

  19. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson

    Pred 5 hodinami

    Anyway you guys can make a video on common tools needed to start a build, I’m new to mechanical work and would like to be prepared. Love the content fellas

  20. Daniel Laczo

    Daniel Laczo

    Pred 5 hodinami

    Good luck finding an E36 for the next few months...I think this is going to be an interesting season.

  21. Leonard Hartelt

    Leonard Hartelt

    Pred 6 hodinami

    plz do turbofan wheels!!!!!!1!!!

  22. Poggre Johnson

    Poggre Johnson

    Pred 6 hodinami

    It’s actually crazy I just realized now that I’ve been watching you guys for like 3 and a half years

  23. bart rebergen

    bart rebergen

    Pred 7 hodinami

    And nobody watches HOONIGAN?? SHITCAR is already full rallycar!

    • The Senate

      The Senate

      Pred 6 hodinami

      Thats was more a safari/rally build

  24. Davis kaufman

    Davis kaufman

    Pred 7 hodinami

    but we don’t have another high low

  25. Dugs Palma

    Dugs Palma

    Pred 7 hodinami

    E36 is cheap. Huh.

  26. Joshua Ezekiel Belandres

    Joshua Ezekiel Belandres

    Pred 8 hodinami

    "we're gonna build a rally car"... "a rally car" .. "r a l l y c a r" YEAHH BOOIII!!

  27. Niko


    Pred 8 hodinami

    As soon as he said "rally car" I knew it was an E36.

  28. Squardo


    Pred 8 hodinami

    I love money pit, I got an automatic 328i Touring, I wanna swap the transmission, I’m HYPED🤯

  29. Richard Berry

    Richard Berry

    Pred 10 hodinami

    The silva and the miata in the background, definitely makes this a Money pit next gen. Love it!!!! Thank you guys for doing what you do. So ah, when is Nolan doing a 4runner?

  30. Glenn 9K

    Glenn 9K

    Pred 10 hodinami

    Imagine if we could follow Zach Jobe on Twitter as well

  31. Alli


    Pred 10 hodinami


  32. Cody Fellows

    Cody Fellows

    Pred 10 hodinami

    5:45 love the wheel chair shot XD

  33. Matt


    Pred 10 hodinami

    Take a shot every time he says minty fresh…

  34. Matt


    Pred 10 hodinami

    My 2000 Monte Carlo ss weighed the same as that car and it made more power lol

  35. Keon


    Pred 11 hodinami

    NOOO NOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOO PLEASE DONT START SAYING SHEESH 🙄.... I'M so fed up with every single car SVwhiter saying that shit

  36. Johnathan Crumm

    Johnathan Crumm

    Pred 12 hodinami

    I hope this suspension gets sooooooo crazy! Custom fabricated rally setup!

  37. 99codemister


    Pred 13 hodinami

    17:16 Rocking that Jagr flow! You been playing some hockey on the side?

  38. Yudhistira Priyasembadha

    Yudhistira Priyasembadha

    Pred 13 hodinami

    Right when I'm missing my E36 again

  39. Matt H

    Matt H

    Pred 14 hodinami

    Lol reminds me of my bro driving his Chevy cavalier on a dirt path gunning it at 45 so we didn't get stuck.

  40. Vaclav Kuzelka

    Vaclav Kuzelka

    Pred 14 hodinami

    Yuck...the second I saw the car I lost interest. That is not a good Rally car I'm sry...

  41. Jarrett Sollitto

    Jarrett Sollitto

    Pred 14 hodinami

    Before I watch I’m gonna say it’s an e36 🥰

    • Jarrett Sollitto

      Jarrett Sollitto

      Pred 14 hodinami

      I knew it :)

  42. Neganeko


    Pred 14 hodinami

    Now this? This is my speed

  43. Malea Marxer

    Malea Marxer

    Pred 15 hodinami

    DANG was excited to see a subie 🥲 excited for the series though

  44. MrRigatoni


    Pred 15 hodinami

    DUDE YESS!!!

  45. Yanclaudio Quintana

    Yanclaudio Quintana

    Pred 15 hodinami

    I knew it was a bmw before the uncovering lmao

  46. Cody Lechner

    Cody Lechner

    Pred 16 hodinami

    So excited for this build! A few months ago I bought a '93 318i while I'm stationed in England for my daily...with plans for it to become a toy eventually! It only had 56K miles on it! Super stoked to see what y'all do with this thing!

  47. DREZR


    Pred 16 hodinami

    E36 is the perfect drift car so i dont know what i feel about this one

  48. Johnny N

    Johnny N

    Pred 17 hodinami

    “Too much flair”…while beautiful lox flowing in the wind.

  49. PsychoticOranges


    Pred 17 hodinami

    Ah yes an off road rally car, a Suba-…, an e36? What did you really need the dependability of a tank? Well, I guess you did lol

  50. Lara Craft

    Lara Craft

    Pred 17 hodinami

    MANUAL!!! i only have 4 gears in my car but manual 1000%

  51. Dylan


    Pred 17 hodinami


  52. Ace SpaceBalls

    Ace SpaceBalls

    Pred 18 hodinami

    In red…rhhhpuuttt!

  53. Alex


    Pred 18 hodinami

    I just got and e36 m3 theee days ago, such a fun car

  54. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin

    Pred 18 hodinami

    Of all the cars you could pick a bmw ooofff

  55. Daniel Soule

    Daniel Soule

    Pred 18 hodinami

    Pop the filter off BEFORE you take out the drain plug so when you pull the filter out you don’t get oil everywhere, drains it more as well

  56. WarGamer101


    Pred 19 hodinami

    Pov: your a donut media fan 7:54

  57. lol snake

    lol snake

    Pred 19 hodinami

    4wD swap?

  58. Balázs Farkas-Jenser

    Balázs Farkas-Jenser

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Can we spare a moment to talk about this man's hair. I mean wtf luscious locks

    • Vauxhall fan

      Vauxhall fan

      Pred 3 hodinami

      Image if he was bald

  59. Keith Zimmerman

    Keith Zimmerman

    Pred 19 hodinami

    How does dude not have a Bandpak?

  60. misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Background music at the beginning is "I Don't Give a Damn" - by Vivera, Kitty Lingmerth (instrumental). If anyone was curious :D

  61. Sam Screwed

    Sam Screwed

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Sierra ROT(RED), Rot means red in German.

  62. Sam Screwed

    Sam Screwed

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Makes total sense why you chose that. I love my bimmers...

  63. Andrew Ernst

    Andrew Ernst

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Finally haha been waiting anxiously 🙌

  64. Aaron jones

    Aaron jones

    Pred 20 hodinami

    Bring back high low

    • misuyy fong

      misuyy fong

      Pred 19 hodinami

      there was an e36 identical to that once for sale here in NJ

  65. Markus Ellamaa

    Markus Ellamaa

    Pred 20 hodinami

    I saw from the thumbnail that it was a e36 :[

  66. Ali_M Gaming

    Ali_M Gaming

    Pred 20 hodinami

    I could see from a mile away that it was an e36

  67. Logan Rivera

    Logan Rivera

    Pred 20 hodinami

    Dog box

  68. starzx64


    Pred 21 hodinou

    u should add a sequential and OZ rallys

  69. starzx64


    Pred 21 hodinou

    the body shape was so distinctive i knew it E36 when covered by the cloth

  70. Nate Atherton

    Nate Atherton

    Pred 22 hodinami

    Reveals Beamer…. Ew

  71. Bigcountry7.3


    Pred 22 hodinami

    Oh wow a bmw what a shocker

  72. lazar vucetic

    lazar vucetic

    Pred 22 hodinami

    YAY new cris fixXD

  73. Dootguy


    Pred 22 hodinami

    I did a little girly scream when you said "rally build"

  74. de Moritz z

    de Moritz z

    Pred 23 hodinami

    The white e36 was completeley fine probably...i mean look at that cage

  75. Cory Berends

    Cory Berends

    Pred 23 hodinami

    No way that's awesome, I was studying the body lines really hard under that black curtain and I thought, surely that's an E36. And wow I was right

  76. Paul05


    Pred 23 hodinami

    "E36 is relatively cheap" -- dudeee they are 36k in germany if you want an M3 engine and germany is the country they were fucking built in

  77. wojtek szade

    wojtek szade

    Pred 23 hodinami

    I'm kinda disappointed.

  78. Carlos Valdovinos

    Carlos Valdovinos

    Pred 23 hodinami

    there was an e36 identical to that once for sale here in NJ

  79. The 404 Error

    The 404 Error

    Pred dňom

    Can the next car be a budget drift build of either the AE86, GT86, or 240SX?

  80. Dominik McAbee

    Dominik McAbee

    Pred dňom

    From under the cover I could tell it was an E36 BMW I’m so hyped!

  81. Dave Stanczyk

    Dave Stanczyk

    Pred dňom

    Called it

  82. Bottom Gear

    Bottom Gear

    Pred dňom

    Are we gonna talk about the 32k 350z?

  83. Avery Flock

    Avery Flock

    Pred dňom

    Should have been james 86

  84. August Cornfeld

    August Cornfeld

    Pred dňom

    I swear to god Please put a skidtray on as stock, because the car will not be very happy otherwise

  85. Joey Elley

    Joey Elley

    Pred dňom

    swap the gearbox to manual

  86. Mark Swinhoe

    Mark Swinhoe

    Pred dňom

    Shart cart and now shit car. 😒 But I'll be watching!

  87. Kaden Bourgeois

    Kaden Bourgeois

    Pred dňom

    Before i see the reveal, by the shape of it, i assume it is an e36



    Pred dňom

    Lol.... e36 the most over used "build" also sponsored by eBay doesn't scream free car to anyone else lmfao

  89. Max


    Pred dňom

    Zach, begging you to turbocharge this car in the future

  90. Chad Johns

    Chad Johns

    Pred dňom

    Can’t wait to buy a pin of this new money pit 😩💯🫀

  91. Ricky Seddon

    Ricky Seddon

    Pred dňom

    OFF ROAD E36!!!!!!!

  92. Ashton Bozarth

    Ashton Bozarth

    Pred dňom

    So is this gonna be the hoonigans shit car vs donut money pit?

  93. Bryan Serino

    Bryan Serino

    Pred dňom

    finally a proper car in this channel!! ;) excited for more content

  94. ivo Borisov

    ivo Borisov

    Pred dňom

    what is the chance this is my summer build XD

  95. uR_mOm Ur_MoM

    uR_mOm Ur_MoM

    Pred dňom

    next up should be a drag car

  96. Roger Fletcher

    Roger Fletcher

    Pred dňom

    It sounds like there isnt enough 'rolling start power' so maybe try a new ecu?

  97. R


    Pred dňom

    Nice pick 👍

  98. Mike's Auto

    Mike's Auto

    Pred dňom

    Yes siirrr, les gooo. And not every car has a filter there but they do have oil fill caps to remove lol

  99. Kenny Valdivia

    Kenny Valdivia

    Pred dňom

    Trans swap for sure

  100. coconut_blond


    Pred dňom

    Do a real money pit, Subaru wagon.