ETIHAD AIRBUS A380 Takeoff Abu Dhabi | Flight Deck GoPro View

Just Planes has 6 cameras in the cockpit of the ETIHAD AIRWAYS Airbus A380 for a roundtrip from Abu Dhabi to Paris CDG. In this video you can see everything from 1 of those cameras from pushback to taxi to takeoff and climbout.
Just Planes is thrilled to welcome Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, to our Flight in the Cockpit series! For this film we will fly with Captain Sophie and First Officer Shaima on the Airbus A380 roundtrip from Abu Dhabi to Paris CDG. Each of the ladies will operate one of the flights, explain and present all their work, the aircraft they fly and talk about their career and how they ended up on the A380.

The cabin crew will also give you a tour of the absolutely superb cabin including the unique Residence which features a bedroom, the First Apartment, the Bar and more...

+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras!
+ Flight Preparations
+ Cockpit Set-up
+ Briefings
+ Checklists
+ Cockpit Presentation
+ Extermal Walkaround
+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Pilot Presentations
+ Cabin Presentation





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      ll l l

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      @Just Planes Juarez you

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    Fantastic !! Great Respect ❤

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    she's so Beautiful !!

  4. Shivam Kumar

    Shivam Kumar

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    Is that real or they are getting training in computerized environment to train pilots

  5. Iqbal Sarwar

    Iqbal Sarwar

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    Respect for these two pilots for their professionalism work. It means women can do same as men at any kind of herd work.

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    pilot's ... superb (Inspirational video)

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    At 6.26 the pilot says "take a right" and she promptly takes a left! Phew, you want to take a chance be my guest, I'm taking the train.

  8. Fatwa Pujangga Islam 212

    Fatwa Pujangga Islam 212

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    Merinding rasanya ketika pesawat sedang take-up

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    First Officer is Gorgeous

  10. Matthew Bryson

    Matthew Bryson

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    Stewardess: " welcome aboard passengers, we will be serving curry for dinner, no alcohol allowed, and two broads will be flying today". (everyone leaves the airplane).

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    Etihad 👍👍

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    You drive is so super I like it pilot.What is your country.❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀

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    അടിപൊളി.... എന്റെയും ആഗ്രഹം ഇത് തന്നെ ആണ്.... 🥰♥️♥️... എനിക്ക് പറക്കാൻ ഇഷ്ട്ടമാണ് 🥰🥰🥰💋😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



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    Nie spodziewałem się dzisiaj płakać. Niesamowita praca, którą wykonujesz dla ludzi i sposób, w jaki oddajesz im życie, jest po prostu piękny. Dziękuję za podzielenie się z nami tymi doświadczeniami, naprawdę jesteście utalentowani. Niech cię Bóg błogosławi.

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    Troppo nervosa in fase di stacco 😎

  17. Anomoly Debaucle

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    I saw that .. Can you really shoosh the captain? Just say check. Ok 14:41 mark. It seemed like they never worked together before. Kind of frozen vibe. Should be more of a team working together not competitive. First officer and captain should have had more stimulator experience together before going Real World. Too Tense!

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    iam Deepak Hanji

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    she is gorgeous😍✨❤



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    Pilots are not enjoying aircraft rides reason passenger's safety is is a very very carrying you no hard working duty so thankful pilots for your 💯 worked to be passenger's



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      What? Try again.

  20. Prahlad Panwar

    Prahlad Panwar

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    Fantastic!!! How a heavyweight plane flying by two lightweight ladies.

  21. Rej Esh

    Rej Esh

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    Truely inspiring for kids especially girls to become future pilots...



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    Just feeling proud of the lady pilots

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    Tasty bit of snatch that



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    Mam💐Iam so proud of you, congratulations 🎊🎉🌷 From India.

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    She’s gorgeous 😍😍😍

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    I proud of you ladies.....indonesia



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    Proud of the 2 professional Pilots and especially the Arab lady who is extremely attentive. May Allah aupport them. Juat Planes more of these stuff please

  28. private tube▶️

    private tube▶️

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    I was start planning airways business future name is Mahdi airways first trip chennai to jeddah inshallah align me world Muslim people eye goodness wise them

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    private tube▶️

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    Super habibi

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    It's against Taliban

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  32. Krishna kumar Karki

    Krishna kumar Karki

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    Watching these girls make me proud of being a woman

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      Proud of what she is just working like any one else

  33. Robert Mayes

    Robert Mayes

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    Best looking co pilot I ever seen .

  34. Shailu Yadav

    Shailu Yadav

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    Anyone suggest me pilot name please

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    Mulheres, vocês são simplesmente espetaculares...!

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    nice video

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    wow too good

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    Good job 👍

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    مشاءالله. شكرا جزيلا 🇩🇿

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    Do address to the Captain in charge, or leave...

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    Imagine being pilot😎

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    It's less about skilled flying and more about automation and air safety and air stability and sustainability of moving mechanical parts. Navigating, inclement Weather conditions, visibility, high velocity Wind Speed and quirky air currents and cross Direction , Air Speed, Ground Speed, Inflight Pressurization are no longer imponderables. Perhaps .navigating a locomotive 🚂 or a big 🚌🚐 carrying more passenger through precarious terrain and heavy road traffic require greater piloting skills ..

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    Amazing Take of bravo 🌹

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    Anita Nanlop Dapel Didel

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    wow!!! amazing ladies, the inspired my dreams. I love them and God bless them more and keep protecting the aviators

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    Demasiado hembrismo... no me inspira confianza.

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    Inspiring vedio. Women are also same they can do like a man. Huge respect 👌👌

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    what is the joystick mechanics? I can't tell how her hand motions correlate to airplane motion. please explain

    • MrSchwabentier


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      That’s because she is correcting movements the plane does due to wind and turbulence. So by moving the stick she ensures the plane doesn’t move too much.

  50. Abdul lateef

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    • Just Planes

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  51. Suresh Vamanamurthy

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    Hi, Excellent to operated flying machine, really proud of you, I need your suggestion for well training for aircraft operating training school, I need to know country & name of the institution plz

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    Jasmin from Aladdin on the right

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    My cousin was a commercial pilot and it is a career that takes over your life. Complete physicals, training, tests and flight simulations every 6 months. Bidding for blocks of flight times, the right frame of mind, dealing with the physical toll on your body and balancing family life. All pilots deserve respect and these ladies are fine representatives of the profession!

  54. Amon Gaara cirice

    Amon Gaara cirice

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    Put cameras on these damn planes so the captains can see out and all over the plane if they need would help them so much in an emergency.

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    Wow pilot wonder women, salut sista, Assalamualaikum

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    big Kissés for this two woman Who doing good job. beijos from Angola

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    Sanchit Madge

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    My Dream!!! At 52 years I still aspire to become a Pilot !!!

  61. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

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    Who goes through their career with cameras rolling? Newer generation. Get over yourselves.

  62. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

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    Painful to listen to.

  63. romahnae


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    The take off was so quick that i had rewind and asked myself "wait.. did i missed something?" the speed looks as though they weren't even going fast at all.

  64. M Shatah

    M Shatah

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    The pilots parents must very very proud ..

  65. Aamir Hussain

    Aamir Hussain

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    The Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh said. 1...Give the worker his wages before his sweat dries. 2... Wine and black magic is forbidden in Islam.

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    Never trust a Islam cult member

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    Fun fact as the time goes by Male pilots are decreasing Female pilots will dominate the sky

    • Frank Larkin

      Frank Larkin

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      @Maher onf don't always think negative

    • Maher onf

      Maher onf

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      The accidents will increase as well

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    Hi hi niche

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    You go ladies!!

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    Taliban will not approve

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    Having viewed many many channel’s on utube I have found my absolute favourite and my upmost respect goes to the lady pilots lovely to see.

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    Great 👍🏻 🌹👌

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    Brains and Beauty! Wonderful!

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    Nice quiet dimag jai hind 👍👍❤️🎉🙏

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    Great. Appreciated

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    Beautyfull female pilot please say "salam rotate" from indonesia

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    That's gotta be so friggin awesome to fly one of those magnificent machines.

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    Keep it up.

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      Thank you, we will

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    Always be smart

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    Taliban watching thinking it has to be a deep fake 😀

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    Take off and landing only.. rest auto pilot 😎 Old world commercial pilot were fighter jet pilot with load of manual flying experience. What if few engines fails.. or any other mechanical issues. Auto pilot go crazy 😉

  88. Wanjiru Mungai

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    Very aspiring was sad to hier that it's possible that the taliban will decide if women should go to school because of Islam law what a wast of resources. Women are able like men and no one made an application to be born man or woman hope they go out of this old and outdated way beautiful work from the two ladies

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    Amazing 🤩 video

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    This is my new Netflix. Awesome Job ladies ! I would love to fly one day with an all female crew , especially these women. May Allah continue to bless you and keep you and your crew safe. 🙏🏽👍🏽

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    The red button at the top of the stick is to shoot down incels who get in their way

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    Smart Lady

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    Terima kasih Suksss, sehat, mulia, berlimpah

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    Not only a F/O who is good in mathematics and physics, but who is very pretty as well.. ❤

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    Ladies, your mothers' and fathers' must be sooo proud of you! Thanks for the fascinating entertainment.

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    La classe !

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    Good job

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    I would never sit in such plane, scary.