Junk GameCube Restoration - Nintendo Console Repair

I will restore this this Nintendo GameCube Console which won't work and is dirty and yellowed to brand new condition. Nintendo released GameCube released nearly 20 years ago to compete with Playstation 2 and Xbox. My new Retrobrighting box video for removing yellowing: svwhite.info/fast/sIthh6x-m4K8044/video

The GameCube starts but the disc won't spin, it's usually not an issue with the motor itself but the laser just doesn't recognize the disc. This can usually be fixed by adjusting the laser as I do in the video, or by replacing the laser if adjusting won't help. The laser gets old and over time it will go bad like this. Adjusting the laser will give it more using time but after adjusting it couple of times it will need to be replaced. When replacing the laser it make sure to turn the screw back to around 500 ohms so it will last longer.

After I had fixed the disc reading issue. I continued with the disassembly. The GameCube has way too many screws holding everything in place as you can see.but overall it's very easy to disassemble.

I cleaned the parts with soapy water and then used my new retrobrighting box to remove yellowing from the front plate.

Also the acrylic circle on top of the console was badly scratched. I used polishing compound to rub it for several minutes and it turn out looking brand new.

I also decided to replace the battery which will keep the time and date. You can buy CR 2032 batteries which have those legs but would have had to order it so I decided to show you how to do it without those or a spot welding machine. You can just rip off the legs from the old battery and solder them on the regular battery. You might want to scratch the surface of the battery so the solder will have something to grip on to.

Thank you for watching my video!

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  1. Odd Tinkering

    Odd Tinkering

    Pred mesiacom

    Check out my my Gamecube Controller restoration too! 🤩 Here: svwhite.info/fast/m6Sgi8iB2a7D3XE/video

    • F1RE


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      @ArGmEtA Zagone no.

    • Brady Maraman

      Brady Maraman

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      Hey you should do the game boy player next I know it’s not much but hey

    • Jack Haughey

      Jack Haughey

      Pred 17 dňami

      @Tom the Sprog yeah it was a semi portable console, you could get the mini screen attachment so would be much more beneficial on the go (as long as your near a plug socket at least) seemed pretty pointless tho 😂

    • Tom the Sprog

      Tom the Sprog

      Pred 20 dňami

      My thought for way they have a handle was because it looks like a console that you could bring around and with some expensive attachments you could use it on the go

    • ArGmEtA Zagone

      ArGmEtA Zagone

      Pred mesiacom

      11:29 your french ?

  2. DatKooby


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    The handle is so that the console can be more "portable"

  3. Michael Hopper

    Michael Hopper

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    The handle was to carry it cause back in ye old days that what you did either you carried it in a bag or with the handle, or you just went to your friends house cause they couldnt figure out how to do the plugs

  4. Acubavix


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    12:00 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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    Jordan Bonacci

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    20:21 the reads.

  6. Javarre Turner

    Javarre Turner

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    These are so satisfying and definitely worth the like and sub. Look forward to many more game system restorations 😊🙏🏽

  7. Landon -

    Landon -

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    My first gaming console. I remember my mom having to save up forever to afford getting me one. Great mems!

  8. Andre Swartley

    Andre Swartley

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    Okay, so don't try to restore a Gamecube by myself. Got it.

  9. NotAGoodUsername 360

    NotAGoodUsername 360

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    "Oh hey, this is my old Gamecube! Damn, it's really old and broken, guess I may as well throw it out." Odd Tinkering: I'll give you $20 for it. "Eh? Ok, but it's totally busted and dirty-" Odd Tinkering: Even better.

  10. DJ Smooth

    DJ Smooth

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    The reason the handle is there is because like... Just look at it. Ergonomically, it's going to encourage you to hold it in one hand, and you really shouldn't do that with expensive equipment. They just added the handle to make it easier and safer to carry.

  13. Kosm _

    Kosm _

    Pred 19 hodinami

    Wait. I still don't understand what the problem was, how did you fix it? 🤔

    • Odd Tinkering

      Odd Tinkering

      Pred 18 hodinami

      Over time the LED gets less and less bright and when it's not bright enough it won't read the disk. I turned the adjustment screw to make it brighter

  14. Michelle Burns

    Michelle Burns

    Pred 23 hodinami

    Got really happy when I saw the rubber duck in the parts bath, ngl.

  15. IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez

    IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez

    Pred 23 hodinami

    I always love to see this restoration videos. It helps to know the architecture of the console/machine and how to dismantle it, and specially give it a good cleaning treatment. Nice video! PS: My Gamecube suddenly had a problem with the clock, always resest when I turn it off. I wanna know, which is the battery for the clock? So I can fix it.

  16. Dedsec


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    Ahh yes just scratch up all the plastic

  17. Frdkrgr1771


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    Now this is how you repair an old game system

  18. Norbel Archilla

    Norbel Archilla

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  37. LilyBloom


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    Never ever solder anything onto a battery! You can heat it up enough to have it explode, even coin cell batteries can explode when exposed to a lot of heat. Always use a proper spot welding or replace it with a coin cell battery holder directly.

  38. Purple Shy

    Purple Shy

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    Doku FREENET √

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  56. john scamardo

    john scamardo

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    i have 2 slim playstation 2 that are brand new but don't read the disc . was told to replace the laser eye but not sure if that is the problem

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    Y'all hear that? That's the sound of a happy Gamecube ♪(´▽`) I really want to do this for my Gamecubes but I'm afraid of messing it up as I know one of them has disc reading problems.

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    The real Kolpila

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    The Unstoppable ASMR

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    L Smith

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    James Riley

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    • AnarickTheDevil


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