Glass Sega Genesis!! Custom Hand Built!!

We hand built a CUSTOM see-through Sega Genesis!!

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Track: Kozah - Paradox [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. Dark BR

    Dark BR

    Pred 7 dňami

    congratulations very good your work, please a nintendo 64 glass would be awesome, Brazil congratulations.

  2. RetroModernCelso


    Pred 9 dňami

    Dream come true!

  3. Christopher Michaels

    Christopher Michaels

    Pred 13 dňami

    But can he make glass controllers and a glass AC adapter? Lol, awesome work on this.

  4. Esteban Dominguez

    Esteban Dominguez

    Pred 14 dňami

    Perdida de tiempo

  5. ][


    Pred 17 dňami

    glass sega cd

  6. Old phone

    Old phone

    Pred 18 dňami


  7. david mcfadden

    david mcfadden

    Pred 19 dňami

    Who da fuq would give this a thumbs down? This is an awesome build!

  8. How to Suck at Gaming

    How to Suck at Gaming

    Pred 19 dňami

    It's pretty. It's not glass though.



    Pred 21 dňom

    congratulation bro imprecionante + sub.

  10. もっ㌧


    Pred 21 dňom

    (・o・;) ! (≧▽≦)/

  11. Yatrik Shah

    Yatrik Shah

    Pred 22 dňami

    Wow, unbelievable!

  12. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez

    Pred 22 dňami


  13. Pineal Tech

    Pineal Tech

    Pred 23 dňami


  14. byron2521


    Pred 25 dňami

    They had microchips then? I thought Sega ran on vacuum But seriously, does Sega have any good old games? N-64 and even Super Nintendo would be worth salvaging, because Zelda and other 64 games are still good, but is Sega worth it?

  15. noissouza 2020

    noissouza 2020

    Pred 25 dňami

    This is Very cool design,congratulations 😃👏👏👏

  16. The Silent One

    The Silent One

    Pred 26 dňami

    cell cast acrylic isnt cheap this lil project cost a lil money

  17. LyTe423


    Pred 26 dňami

    Awesome work and love the bloopers in the video especially towards the end lol "You gotta be a son of a b..." 😂 Is there any way I could pay you to make me a clear casing for the exact same console? I've collected quite a few consoles in the past year and this would look great in my collection

  18. Евгений Вовк

    Евгений Вовк

    Pred 27 dňami

    Superrrrr! 👍

  19. Zentron


    Pred 27 dňami

    Very, very sleek!

  20. JeFfRo


    Pred 28 dňami

    Clear plastic is glass?🤔 Stop click baiting. Reported

  21. Moises Martin

    Moises Martin

    Pred 28 dňami

    Que pesao con lo anuncios no??

  22. Александр Исаев

    Александр Исаев

    Pred 28 dňami

    Nice cup😂😂😂

  23. Sani Kam

    Sani Kam

    Pred 28 dňami

    if only they make newer versions perhaps higher end, type using newer chips and memories - now that memories are cheap. The one that uses DVD all that dont really last. Thats business for you/

  24. Ady Kristianto

    Ady Kristianto

    Pred 28 dňami

    2:06 You can see nicholas cage

  25. Robert L

    Robert L

    Pred 28 dňami

    If thats glass then I am Santa clause, Great job though...

  26. paul parry

    paul parry

    Pred 28 dňami

    Seriously dude, you could have just took a picture 🤔

  27. Mike Gillman

    Mike Gillman

    Pred 28 dňami

    Not actually glass but cool.

  28. babaganoosh1969


    Pred 28 dňami

    You know you watch too many of these videos when you get pissed when someone else's jigsaw blade breaks... 😂

  29. GoatTrix


    Pred 29 dňami

    Now do this with the sega genesis 2 & 3

  30. Mr. Bles

    Mr. Bles

    Pred 29 dňami

    Incredible craftsmanship. Now make the tower of power.

  31. Артур Бережной

    Артур Бережной

    Pred 29 dňami

    It is not possible to make hands formula transparent plastics, but everything is possible! Amazing! 👍👍🙈🙉🙊 You can make a cartridge from transparent plastic?👌

  32. Vnix


    Pred 29 dňami


  33. jesusoftheapes


    Pred 29 dňami

    You know you can buy clear segas ?

  34. Hector Alonzo

    Hector Alonzo

    Pred 29 dňami

    One of the best if not the best custom builds I've ever seen. Hat's off to you my friend. I rarely ever leave a like but you earned this one.

  35. Clausmir Muniz

    Clausmir Muniz

    Pred 29 dňami

    Perfeito !!

  36. Milad Tjk

    Milad Tjk

    Pred mesiacom

    Much skillful

  37. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams

    Pred mesiacom

    Would look better if made from Lego

  38. shamar


    Pred mesiacom

    I wonder if he can make a see through playstation 5

  39. pidião carlos

    pidião carlos

    Pred mesiacom


  40. Денис Пчелинцев

    Денис Пчелинцев

    Pred mesiacom

    бля проще было сделать матрицу из старого корпуса литейным силиконом а потом отлить из литейной эпоксидки корпус если так хотелось прозрачный корпус так тоже неплохо но я бы сделал бы так, но все ровну круто получилось за это конечно лайк но я бы пошел бы простым путем сделал бы матрицу из старого корпуса и отлил из эпоксидки

  41. SUSANO O


    Pred mesiacom

    this is expensive to make the casing

  42. Gamers of Legends Past

    Gamers of Legends Past

    Pred mesiacom

    So you gonna make one outing actual glass not acrylic?

  43. Gamers of Legends Past

    Gamers of Legends Past

    Pred mesiacom

    So this is made of acrylic not glass right?

  44. JasonLamarche


    Pred mesiacom


  45. Z-BALLZ


    Pred mesiacom

    Good job. Looks great!

  46. Wesley Silva

    Wesley Silva

    Pred mesiacom

    Amazing! Please made a Glass Sega Saturn

  47. Alexander Albach

    Alexander Albach

    Pred mesiacom


  48. Joey Ramone

    Joey Ramone

    Pred mesiacom

    Great vid!! The hit and miss on the making of the dome answered so many questions for me regarding molding plexiglass. Thanks!

  49. Harry Hole

    Harry Hole

    Pred mesiacom

    Some people are very talented.. I wanted to make a dragon with the art of Origami. But it became ridiculous. Sorry my bad english... Ah GOD!!! I'm not even good at English. I want to F*ck myself!!!!

  50. MageLocc


    Pred mesiacom

    Dude I wept, this is a work of art

  51. MageLocc


    Pred mesiacom

    17:07 0.5x for daft punk

  52. Best & Worst

    Best & Worst

    Pred mesiacom


  53. David Wheelen

    David Wheelen

    Pred mesiacom

    Down vote for the commercials and don't recommend channel for clickbait inaccurate title. This is not glass......

  54. Steel Fangs

    Steel Fangs

    Pred mesiacom

    The groan he did after the air bubbles showed up on that one pane had me feeling my soul for a sec 😂😂

  55. _


    Pred mesiacom

    Nice one!

  56. Deep_wolf


    Pred mesiacom

    Genesis for prison!

  57. MrCromocrunch


    Pred mesiacom

    All that work and you can’t use it with your all glass Sega CD?

  58. Brandon Schofield

    Brandon Schofield

    Pred mesiacom

    that's plastic not glass

  59. Roger Branstetter

    Roger Branstetter

    Pred mesiacom

    Now thats a work of art right there.

  60. E


    Pred mesiacom

    Damn my boi a beast this is skill

  61. Tempest Fury

    Tempest Fury

    Pred mesiacom

    Ummm.... that's not glass. It's acrylic.

  62. jeek


    Pred mesiacom

    glass joypad ?

  63. Vladimír Chytil

    Vladimír Chytil

    Pred mesiacom

    its nice, but not glass

  64. Robin Christensen

    Robin Christensen

    Pred mesiacom

    Stating the obvious here.. Its not glass..

  65. Frank Loesch

    Frank Loesch

    Pred mesiacom

    misleading ,it is not made of glass.

  66. aysat


    Pred mesiacom

    superb job



    Pred mesiacom

    Its not glass its plastic

  68. Christopher Blair

    Christopher Blair

    Pred mesiacom


  69. Maik Jäger

    Maik Jäger

    Pred mesiacom


  70. bladesteel


    Pred mesiacom


  71. Darth Nagus

    Darth Nagus

    Pred mesiacom

    C64 perhaps

  72. Евгений Дизайнер

    Евгений Дизайнер

    Pred mesiacom

    кусок говна получился ,покрась в зелёный и на свалку

  73. Juanma Posada

    Juanma Posada

    Pred mesiacom

    26:51 that caught me off guard lmao Nice work btw!

  74. Tso Hai

    Tso Hai

    Pred mesiacom

    Amazing! I like your Nicolas Cage Cup

  75. Icecreamtruck Og

    Icecreamtruck Og

    Pred mesiacom

    Loved the Nicolas Cage cameo.

  76. Wagner De Queiroz

    Wagner De Queiroz

    Pred mesiacom

    MEU DEUS! QUE TRABALHO MAGNIFICO! Saudaçoes do Brasil!

  77. Atom


    Pred mesiacom

    Super!!!!!! Cool. Likes 👍👍👍👍👍

  78. FunBun2037 Chuck

    FunBun2037 Chuck

    Pred mesiacom

    Why,... Sooooo,... Many,... Commercial,... Breaks? Yes, I get it. [Astentatious smart alec: "If you don't like it, then buy SVwhite premium. Mah!"] But seriously,... 8? Eight Commercial breaks in a 29 minute 45 second long video? I like the video, truly I do but damn,... 😶

  79. Semen Brolovv

    Semen Brolovv

    Pred mesiacom

    классно ,пришли мне такую же за спасибо

  80. TyeMan


    Pred mesiacom

    Wow a made for prison SEGA! Hahahahaha

  81. Tom Haxley

    Tom Haxley

    Pred mesiacom

    came for the glass, didnt see any

  82. MrTea


    Pred mesiacom

    Thunder Force 4, excellent choice.

  83. Amos Zazoun

    Amos Zazoun

    Pred mesiacom


  84. Banjaxed


    Pred mesiacom

    Fake title, PLASTIC Sega Genesis. Not glass.

  85. Alisson Lima

    Alisson Lima

    Pred mesiacom

    Crazy job!

  86. Aaron F - Geared

    Aaron F - Geared

    Pred mesiacom

    Super cool build. But why magnets? Does it need to be taken apart that much?

  87. Wigg1y Scott

    Wigg1y Scott

    Pred mesiacom

    This build is amazing, great work! What's also amazing is that you still have all your fingers!!🙌

  88. Wigg1y Scott

    Wigg1y Scott

    Pred mesiacom

    2:06 "Why couldn't you just put the bunny back in the box"?

  89. planetX15


    Pred mesiacom

    Are you sure this is glass? Because to me it looks like acrylic, nice video nonetheless.

  90. Adam Birch

    Adam Birch

    Pred mesiacom

    I am ashamed to ask, but that's a plexiglass material, right? Still most impressive, don't get me wrong, but plexiglass is not the same as glass. This is a genuine scratching my head kind of moment. I know nothing about either so please, someone school me as it's going to drive me nuts otherwise. With that said, I'm seeing other masterpieces the I must binge watch instead of going to bed. Why must this have crossed my path at such an inconvenient time?

    • Johan Jakobsson

      Johan Jakobsson

      Pred mesiacom

      Yep its plastic, clickbait nametitle.

  91. Bryan Wright

    Bryan Wright

    Pred mesiacom

    Take count another one can never do that in real life

  92. xenonexe2558


    Pred mesiacom

    That sir, was impressive. To be that skilled, patient, persistent AND film it. Bravo!

  93. YamSero Synister

    YamSero Synister

    Pred mesiacom

    A eso le llamo estar aburrido....

  94. Vick-Ryder


    Pred mesiacom

    Con Air

  95. mash ups & mixes 999Freddy0

    mash ups & mixes 999Freddy0

    Pred mesiacom

    Dam awsome my friend! 😀

  96. KernallDebugger


    Pred mesiacom

    Ok first off amazing work. 2nd this video Gave me so much anxiety. How are you still able to count to 10?

  97. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker

    Pred mesiacom

    The saw safety in this video gives me anxiety. How does this guy still have all his fingers?

  98. Ozzieman Cheers

    Ozzieman Cheers

    Pred mesiacom

    This ain’t glass. It’s plastic.

  99. ElZamo92


    Pred mesiacom

    BRUH... Glass and acrylic are two VERY different things... still turned up REALLY cool.

  100. Greggori II

    Greggori II

    Pred mesiacom

    thanks for sharing, this was oddly relaxing and peaceful to watch.