BTS Full Performance MAMA 2018 in Japan (FAKE LOVE + ANPANMAN) (FULL HD)

I don't own any of this video,only the thing that I screen recorded the performance...


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    了不起 少年 BTS

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    K-pop 나라 한국에서 쓰는 언어 한글을 소개합니다. Let me introduce Hangul, the Korean language spoken in K-pop countries. 한글은 발음기호가 따로 없고 대소문자가 없고 타자기에서 바로 글자가 입력된다. Hangul has no phonetic symbols, no uppercase letters, and the letters are typed directly from the typewriter. 한글은 컴퓨터 타자기에서 자음은 왼손가락 모음은 오른손가락으로 타이핑하는 유일한 언어로 양손이 번갈아 타이핑 하므로 타이핑 진행속도가 어느 문자 보다도 빠르다. Hangul is a computer typewriter with a left hand for consonants and a right hand for vowels. As both hands are typing alternately in the only language, typing progresses faster than any other character. 한글 자음과 모음은 실제 발성기관의 모양을 그대로 본떠 글자와 소리가 일치하므로 IT기기에서 음성 인식율이 획기적으로 높다. Because consonants and vowels of Han-gul match sound with letters based on actual vocal organs, voice recognition rate of IT devices is dramatically high. 더우기 휴대폰에서는 영어는 알파벳이 26개 인데 한글은 14개로 압축이 되어서 다루기가 쉽고 빠르다. 이것은 디지털 시대 적합성과 IT에 매우 강한 문자이다. In addition, in cell phone, English has 26 alphabets, but Hangul is compressed into 14. Easy and fast to handle. This is a very strong character for digital age fitness and IT. 컴퓨터에서도 당연히 빠르지만 휴대전화에서 한글 입력속도는 영어에 비해서 약35%빠르고 일본어나 중국어에 비해서 3~5배 빠르다. Of course, it is fast on the computer, but the speed of typing in Korean in mobile phones is about 35 percent faster than in English and three to five times faster than in Japanese or Chinese. 소리의 표현은 한글은 24개 알파벳으로 11,000개 가능하다. 영어는 26개 알파벳으로 360개 소리가 가능하다. 일본은 71알파벳으로 300여개 소리가 가능하다. 중국은 5000자로 400여개 표현한다. The expression of sound can be 11,000 in 24 alphabets in Hangul. 音の表現は、ハングルは24個のアルファベットで11,000個の可能する。 声音的表达是24个字母,可以有11,000个。 English has 26 alphabets with 360 sounds. 英語は26つのアルファベットで360個の音が可能である。 英语有26个字母,可以360个声音。 Japan has 71 Alphabet, which can make 300 sounds. 日本は71アルファベットで300あまりの音が可能である。 日本用71字母可以发出300多个声音。 About 400 sounds can be heard in 5,000 characters in China. 中国は5000文字で400あまりの音が可能である。 中国有5000多个字,可以发出400多个声音。 유네스코에서 1998년 부터 2002년 까지 글자가 없는 언어에 가장적합한 문자를 찾다가 결국 한글이 가장 적합하다는 평가를 내립니다. 그래서 전 세계적으로 한글 보급에 앞장서고 있고 한글은 글자로써는 유일하게 세계기록유산으로 지정했다. UNESCO said that from 1998 to 2002, the most suitable language for non-letter language In the end, Han-gul is considered the most suitable. So, we are taking the lead in the dissemination of Hangul all over the world. Hangul has been designated as the only world record heritage for letters. 세계지적재산권기구 WIPO 2007년 한글을 세계공용어로 채택했다. WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, adopted Hangeul as the world's official language in 2007. 世界知的財産権機関WIPO 2007年、ハングルを世界共用語として採択した。 세계 문자가 없는 부족들이 한글을 발음 문자로 사용하고 있다. 인도네시아에 찌아 찌아족, 태국의 라후족, 네팔의 체팡족, 남태평양의 파푸아족, 볼리비아의 아라마야족 등이 한글을 사용합니다. Tribes without world characters are using Hangul as their phonetic alphabet. The Chiazia people of Indonesia, the lahu of Thailand, Chefang of Nepal, Papua of the South Pacific, Aramaya of Bolivia, etc. Use Hangul. 70년전 한국은 눈물나게 가난했는데 지금은 선진국 대열에 진입했다. 선진국이 된 여러 가지 이유가 있지만 문맹율 제로이고 지식습득이 빠른 한글의 영향도 크다. Seventy years ago, Korea was tearfully poor, but now it has entered the ranks of advanced countries. Although there are many reasons for becoming an advanced country, Han-gul has a zero illiteracy rate and quick knowledge acquisition. Friends from around the world learn Hangul. Kakao Talk:hangmy

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    SR sisters

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    Anyone watching in 2021🥰

  4. Sayed Habib

    Sayed Habib

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    wowwowwowwowwowowowowowowowowow.they are so incdible

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    대한의아들아 너희가있어 행복하구나 방탄소년단 💜😍💞🎉💕👍💜😍최고다

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    Nargis Akhter

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    Love ❤️

  10. Olia Nikulina

    Olia Nikulina

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    Да вы что чиминушка уникальный артист это даже не обсуждается красавец ангел ; но тэшеу не на кого не поменяю ну нравятся мне красавцы что поделать

  11. саша соколова

    саша соколова

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    Такое выступление не может быть не замеченным, они получили награду справедливо, их усердие и трудолюбие даёт фанатом огромное подтверждение что они лучшие. Успехов ребята вам

    • Серова Ирина

      Серова Ирина

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      Да, они лучшая группа на данное время. Они лучшие представители молодёжи своей страны! Обидно, что у нас Маргинштерны да милохины...

  12. Laila Marie Valde

    Laila Marie Valde

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    honest comment 🥰 All of them nailed it .Walang tapon tlaga .Kahit si jin na kolelat daw sa pagsasayaw eh nakakasabay .Even their vocals damn. This is legendary 🥳😘

  13. Shivani Naidoo

    Shivani Naidoo

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    How are they not sweating like crazy in those jackets??? 😅

  14. Fatima Tariq

    Fatima Tariq

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    7:00 j hope ko kia hogya 😁😆

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    大変失礼ながら、質問させて頂きます。あなた方は実は生き別れになった兄弟7人なのではないですか。出会うべきして出会ったってことでは?実の兄弟でいっしょに育っても性格は変わります。 協力するときはお互い助け合うものです。……他人のそら似とは違う。7人しかいない兄弟、ケンカすることもあるでしょうが、仲良く😃 そうであることを願います。

  16. Erhbujin Ariuna

    Erhbujin Ariuna

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    i hate camerman

  17. Shivam Verma

    Shivam Verma

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    thaey are incredible anyone watching in 2021

  18. Juliana Marques

    Juliana Marques

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    Cheguei agora 2021 e já adoro 🎊

  19. isabeLa carvaLho torres

    isabeLa carvaLho torres

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    Que Show Incrível Estou Muito emocionada ainda não tinha visto esse.... Perfeição a Única Palavra 🥺🙌🙌💜💜🤍🤍♥️♥️🥰🥰

  20. Carla Ferreira

    Carla Ferreira

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    Muito bom mesmo

  21. Sani Bunny

    Sani Bunny

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    That Intro is a Massage! Don't be so strong to the members of BTS - they are just only people too!!!😓

  22. Mike S

    Mike S

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    No wonder why they get so much hate because they are awesome and people are jealous

  23. Ира Колерова

    Ира Колерова

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    Супер, есть на что посмотреть, ребята Вы лучшие, браво 👏👏👏👏

  24. Fozdio Rmsh

    Fozdio Rmsh

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  25. 田村麻子


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    完璧なタンス、画になる、 BTS. ,🤣

  26. Elena Ruido

    Elena Ruido

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    Bailan y cantan muy bien veo videos suyos de su vida diaria y entrevistas parecen unos niños lindos me producen mucha ternura Pero luego veo los videos de los conciertos...buuuuu se me encoge el alma ...hay tanta simbologia ...oscura....el ojito de los cojoes mel gusta nada . Se me encige todo Espero q no sea lo q yo pienso ojala q no .... .....

  27. mie tanaka

    mie tanaka

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    • mie tanaka

      mie tanaka

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      Esses meninos são muito talentosos e esforçados e merecem todas as conquistas , parabéns BTS, e parabéns Big Hits

  28. mie tanaka

    mie tanaka

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    Obrigada Big Hits por nós proporcionar tamanha beleza de apresentação

  29. mie tanaka

    mie tanaka

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    Não tem como não gostar desses meninos , são muito talentosos. Adoro esses BTS

  30. NotAayush


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    omg wth THIS IS AMAZING! and jimin`s voice was cracking so much they must be very tired and everyons skins are smoother then butter

  31. 구영애


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    역시 그러면 그렇지 우리 나라 화면 화질이 좋네 다른 나라에서 하는 공연는 화면 화질 좋지 않아 어지럽고 빙빙 돌아서 너무 어지러워 볼수 없는데 그래도 끝까지 봤는데 멀미 하는 것 처럼 보면서 힘들었는데 이 화면 화질이 좋아 편하게 봤네요

  32. 8A Lecin das

    8A Lecin das

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    ❤ bts ❤

  33. Mahra Al Ali

    Mahra Al Ali

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    all the comments are long but can not explain how much they are awesome just awesome jin fake love fake love fake love is the best 💜

  34. Taekook


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    Omg is so perfectt

  35. Herni_ 01_01

    Herni_ 01_01

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    RM SuGa bias ku

  36. Angela Mae Besinan

    Angela Mae Besinan

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    Blue ocean = Fake love Purple/White/Blue/Pink ocean =Anpanman

  37. Angela Mae Besinan

    Angela Mae Besinan

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    The fake love is getting their concert

  38. TaiebaLisa #btsArmy💜

    TaiebaLisa #btsArmy💜

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    It's look like bts concert 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  39. Esther Mejía

    Esther Mejía

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    Es muy lindo

  40. احب ليسا اكثر منك

    احب ليسا اكثر منك

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    I was waiting for Jungkook to get his muscles out

  41. Jjjddj Jdkdkdkd

    Jjjddj Jdkdkdkd

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    7 kings

  42. Martoha Martoha

    Martoha Martoha

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    Whatever i like Jimin his visual,his dance,his voice all about him is beautiful 💜

  43. J3SSE 14

    J3SSE 14

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    Anyone noticed 13:53 jungkook just flips :DDD

  44. Cielo Giovana Torrez Canaviri

    Cielo Giovana Torrez Canaviri

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    Jin always invokes us ❤️❤️

  45. Toffee's Edits

    Toffee's Edits

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    i come here every week

  46. Kellykelly Kim

    Kellykelly Kim

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    And this is how they convert Award show into concert 💜💜😌

  47. Vindhya Lakshmi

    Vindhya Lakshmi

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    ⚡OMG this performance ...💜 These guys rocked it 💜💜💜I'm addicted to this very... Very.... Much💜💜⚡⚡

  48. Lau


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    Jkook como siempre "se distrae" para no decir nada. 😂😂

  49. Татьяна Шахова

    Татьяна Шахова

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    Я Русская женщина ,взрослая,но я настолько счастлива, что Вы есть! Это такая радость!я счастлива за ваших родителей просто счастлива! Дай бог Вам всех благ!!

  50. Sana aitan

    Sana aitan

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    💜we love you bts 💜

  51. jhani saru

    jhani saru

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    suga looks so lovely when he smiles

  52. anisa. tusha

    anisa. tusha

    Pred 7 dňami

    It's September 2021 is anybody still watching this legendary performance 💜

    • Soad Soad

      Soad Soad

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      Me I'm here

  53. Татьяна Зарипова

    Татьяна Зарипова

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  54. Fitri Aini

    Fitri Aini

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    concert u BTS

  55. kali lol

    kali lol

    Pred 9 dňami


  56. Adan Fatima

    Adan Fatima

    Pred 9 dňami

    I am smiling like an idiot on their speech cuz the thing I understand is world wide handsome saranghae and army😂😂😂rest of thing idk what they still I am smiling and feeling proud🥺💜😂

  57. 𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤

    𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤

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    one direction forever 😑

  58. Bts__Army💜fan


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    Beautiful performance 💜

  59. Taj Nova

    Taj Nova

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    only bts can make an award show into concert.. 💜💜

  60. Khaleda Ahammed

    Khaleda Ahammed

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    I love you BTS

  61. Edelyn Macasinag Shimme

    Edelyn Macasinag Shimme

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    Me watching at 5:30 am Sept 15,2021 🥰

  62. Hiromin O.

    Hiromin O.

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    こんなにダンスも完璧で、そのうえ、口パクじゃないなんて、(´ ✪ω✪` )スゴイ!!! だから、今、世界一になったのも頷ける結果ですよね😆👍✨ これからも、ますます愛されるバンタンになるよね💜 でも、たまには口パクでもいいと思う。たまには、楽してもいいと思う。あなた達の凄さは、もう、実証済なのだから。

  63. Jenca


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    Someone else watching it in September 2021

  64. れもん


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  65. Desi Ayu Ardaliana

    Desi Ayu Ardaliana

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    Yang masihsuka nonton dibulan september 2021

  66. Neha T

    Neha T

    Pred 12 dňami

    It's Sept 2021 but I'm still watching this



    Pred 12 dňami


  68. Drishti Dave 8E 6

    Drishti Dave 8E 6

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    I am speechless 😶

  69. MARLUCIA Santo da silva

    MARLUCIA Santo da silva

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    Eu particularmente não tenho preconceito adoro ver o casal jimi e jk casal

  70. MARLUCIA Santo da silva

    MARLUCIA Santo da silva

    Pred 12 dňami

    Eu amo muito esses meninos maravilhosos e muito lindos

  71. Achie Yudistira

    Achie Yudistira

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  72. Dana Renee

    Dana Renee

    Pred 13 dňami

    Yoongi at 20:04 did anyone else rewind at watch his little laugh 10x?

  73. Josahandi Josafat

    Josahandi Josafat

    Pred 13 dňami

    🥰 HOPE hermoso 😍 adorable 💖 🥰para mí es el que baila mejor😘 😘ROBOTHOPE 🤤💋 Preciosísimo 😍 BEBÉ HOPE 💋 maravilloso 🤤😘HOPE 😍el debe de estar siempre al frente Cosita Bella 🥰 HOPE 🌅😘 🥰😍Mi ROBOTHOPE 😘 HOPE 💋😘 HOPE 😍 HOPE 😍 HOPE 💋🥰

  74. Passion4PaperCrafts


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    What I wouldn’t give to experience this in person 🥺💜💜💜

  75. Diana princess

    Diana princess

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    I just love suga's voice at the end ❤❤❤

  76. مها الهصيص

    مها الهصيص

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    شكلي وانا اشوف الارمي يصرخون من الفرح وانا مدفونه بالبيت 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  77. Challa Sonia

    Challa Sonia

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    Bts Real rock stars💕💕..pls upload eng sub 🤞from India 🇮🇳🙏

  78. Elina koochpeydeh

    Elina koochpeydeh

    Pred 13 dňami

    I just say .....wowww😯😯💜💜army😌🤞

  79. Sonali Vejpongsa

    Sonali Vejpongsa

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  80. Jiggly Puff

    Jiggly Puff

    Pred 14 dňami

    Rewatching the legends on Leader's birthday (2021)

  81. Reza


    Pred 14 dňami

    BTS kaya anjing udah anjing pelastik

  82. Iskra Quispe Delgado

    Iskra Quispe Delgado

    Pred 14 dňami


  83. Jasmin Macapagal

    Jasmin Macapagal

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  84. clarissa ortega

    clarissa ortega

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    Nasaan ba ako ng mga panahong ito 😑😭😭😭

  85. Неля Конькова

    Неля Конькова

    Pred 15 dňami


  86. erin


    Pred 15 dňami

    yes i still think abt this

  87. Meenu Kumari

    Meenu Kumari

    Pred 15 dňami

    September 11

  88. hurrem sultana

    hurrem sultana

    Pred 15 dňami


  89. TiniColibri87


    Pred 15 dňami

    Min 10.48 Yoongi being a complete ángel

  90. Sony Tmg

    Sony Tmg

    Pred 15 dňami

    We need bts in Nepal 🇳🇵concert also!💙

  91. Reida Dimacali

    Reida Dimacali

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  92. Gurjit 3800

    Gurjit 3800

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    I'm the biggest fan of bts 💜 🤗💜 I love there all songs 💜🤗💜 I wish I watch there live performance God please full fill my demand 💜🤗💜 It's all army's demand who not watch them live 💜🤗💜

  93. 松崎栄子


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  94. dabo Rie

    dabo Rie

    Pred 16 dňami

    They changed the award to be their concert



    Pred 16 dňami

    They do so hard work

  96. Celia Maria

    Celia Maria

    Pred 16 dňami

    Amo vcs❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  97. Kor Kor

    Kor Kor

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  98. Michelle Castidad

    Michelle Castidad

    Pred 16 dňami

    9:11 9:16 9:20 That woman screaming "MIN YOONGI!!!" is my spirit animal. Haha!!!

  99. Mahak Bhatewara

    Mahak Bhatewara

    Pred 16 dňami

    Why tf is it so dark though!!!!