14 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Realizing It

14 ways you are hurting your dog without realizing it.

In this guide, we've provided you with a few things that seem right but actually ends up harming your pets either physically or emotionally and you should do well to avoid them at all costs.

Exposing them to strong smells
How do you feel when you're in the same room with someone wearing excessive perfume? I guess irritated or probably nauseated.
Dogs have about a 1000-10,000 of your ability to perceive scents. Now think how much nauseated they will feel when sprayed with a perfume or brought close to a particularly strong smelling substance.
It wouldn’t feel pleasant at all. As such you may want to protect your pet from your perfume and any other strong smelling chemicals as much as possible.

Letting them eat everything
Giving dogs human food is among the top ways most dog owners harm their pet thinking they are actually caring for it.
Your dog’s alimentary canal is quite different from yours just as its nutritional requirements are different. Most times the foods you eat are too spicy, too fatty or too salty for your dog.

Lack of routine and rules
Routines and rules are very important because dogs have an internal clock. They give structure and a sense of ‘what-to-do-next’ to your pet.
Take for instance; if you feed your dog after ringing a bell every day for a few weeks, your dog will start salivating at the sound of the bell even when the food is not yet in sight. This is actually called the Pavlov dog experiment.

Patting their heads
This is one thing dog owners do that irritates their pets more than they can imagine. Think about it; how many times have you really liked it when someone reaches out and patted you on the head suddenly? My guess is you can’t think of such an instance.
Being patted on the head whether lovingly or not is something most of us never really enjoy.

Skipping flea, tick and worming treatment
Preventive your dog from flea, tick, worm, and heartworm is very important. This can be lesser of an issue in the winter time, but you should definitely talk to a vet to keep your dog safe in the warmer months of the year.

Leaving them alone in the car
Never ever leave your dog alone in the car with the windows closed. Researches have shown that the temperature within a closed car can rise often as high as 20 degree in every 10 minutes!
Unlike us, dogs do not sweat and become very uncomfortable in such an environment.

Neglecting their teeth
The teeth are an important part of your dog’s body.
Their teeth are often home to hundreds of bacteria and need to be brushed just like yours do. Seriously, taking care of your dog’s teeth should go beyond the chewing sticks most dog owners are accustomed to giving to their pets.

Taking the little puppy to a dog park
It’s a good thing to take your pet to the park once in a while. This allows it to mingle with its own species and not feel like it is the only one left in the world.
In as such as this is a good for your dog, you shouldn’t forget that dogs can be passive carriers of diseases. This can easily be transferred to your pet. Also, if you're visiting a park with your little puppy, you may want to keep an eye on it as larger dogs often are rough while playing and may end up harming your little pet.

Using physical punishments
It’s good you discipline your pet but physical punishment should never be the way you do. For one, physically punishing your pet constitutes animal abuse.
Secondly, physical punishment doesn’t really work when it comes to disciplining a pet. It only makes your pet afraid of you.

Yelling is never a great way to discipline your dog. If you yell at your dog when it does something bad, it may act all timid but will be unrepentant. This is because yelling actually scares it and does not tell your dog what it did wrong. Your dog may assume you are just angry hence the timid behavior to protect itself.

Neglecting breed-specific health issues
Certain dogs breeds require specific care for their skin, ear or fur.
Some other breeds are prone to certain health issues and you should make sure to have an eye out for them. For example, Dobermans, in addition to heart muscle failure, are prone to ventricular arrhythmias. Make sure to talk with your vet to discuss the breed-specific health issues

Not socializing your dog with other dogs and people
Thorough socialization is very important for dog’s health and behavior.
Lack of socializations results in release of adrenaline hormones that increase dog’s blood pressure and heart rate in any unfamiliar situation.
Dogs who don’t socialize can have anxiety about anything that’s unfamiliar.
Too much food
If you often keep your dog’s bowl filled, you may be putting your dog in the risk of obesity. Dogs are expert at acting like they’re starving all the time. Don’t fall for their whining
Vegan Diet

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