[Exclusive] 'Permission to Dance' Billboard 1st place, what does it mean to BTS? / SBS

K-pop legend BTS, who continues to rewrite history after topping Billboard's Hot 100 for 8 consecutive weeks, joined 'SBS 8 News' here today for the group's exclusive interview.

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News to Dance

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      Wonderful interview

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  2. guadalupe hernandez

    guadalupe hernandez

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    Increíble los amo felicitaciones yo armyyy. 😍🥺🥺🥺

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    Evelin Santana

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    Los que te seguimos siempre estaremos felices de escuchar las canciones que nos has dejado disfrutar hasta ahora por siempre en nuestro corazón con covid o sin covid ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇺

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  5. Michelle Sesaldo

    Michelle Sesaldo

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    I just love these guys so much for giving so much inspiration to us all and being so humble even when they are globally famous, they are so blessed bcoz of their attitudes.. will support them no matter what💜💜💜

  6. Dang Lun

    Dang Lun

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    Jungkook lindo amo vcs BTS para sempre ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Them language is very different .jin say amna.amna is my name

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    I love bts.god bless them

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    ارمي وافتخر بBts احبكم

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    💜ارمي للأبد مع BTS💜

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    BTS فخرنا 💜

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    Excelente entrevista felicidades, ♥️♥️♥️🇨🇴

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    V world wide handsome 💜

  16. Michelle


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    Jin look like a prince omg WWH... I want to see him in a drama as a protagonist, he has it all and his model bearing makes him look very masculine and perfect inside and outside.

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    BTS kings borahae 💜💜💜💜

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  19. Jessy Mclife

    Jessy Mclife

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    I think this is what V’s talking about on his vlive when he’s ending it with RM. They have a work to do ❤️

  20. Diana Torres

    Diana Torres

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    Danke für die Übersetzung 👍 Alle zusammen haben gute Gefühle und Gedanken und ich bin traurig, dass die Konzerte in Germany nun abgesagt worden sind 😔 sehr sehr Schade. ... Es geht weiter, es wird weiter gehen und und ich tröste mich mit den fast täglichen Updates von BTS und fühle mich glücklich mit ihren Songs. Danke und bleibt gesund 🤗

  21. Rashmalai


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    Ami r partesina eto interview dekhte 🥴😤

  22. Penyu Happy

    Penyu Happy

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    i notice V and Jungkook had a little problem when answering question... V talk slowly (speed)... while JK looks like lack of c9nfident to talk...

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  24. Fun Time

    Fun Time

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    I really appreciate the person in the bottom right showing hand gestures for the people who can't hear

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    BTS Nbd Almalak

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    كان وقتها حماااسسس

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    Jungkook 🥺

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    bts army official 277

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    Bts selalu hibur hari ku di saat aku sedih bts selalu hibur ku bts sangat berarti bagi ku love you bts😘

  29. Yamile Wafaá Remawi

    Yamile Wafaá Remawi

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    Amo a este entrevistador....que profesional, respetuoso... que lindas preguntas, cuánto interés muestra....me encantó la entrevista :)

  30. 3165Elena


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    당신이 행복하다면 우리도 행복합니다. 🤗 우리는 방탄소년단을 사랑합니다~ 💜💜💜 갑사합니다~ 🥰

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    En hora buena ❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜

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    Sucesso...vcs merecem😍😍😍

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    Julius Sulung

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    They are the legend and the superstar They always make e New history everyday.

  34. Sima Tajo

    Sima Tajo

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    They are so cute , they always mention armys everywhere , I love you guys

  35. Floriana Spagnuolo

    Floriana Spagnuolo

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    BTS FOREVER 💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️



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    Kathleen Fae AC

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    Awww. Kim Seokjin looks so ethereal!

  41. Maria Rms

    Maria Rms

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    I love BTS, They always mentioned ARMY

  42. _elena_


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    Одно из прекраснейших интервью, спасибо за труд ~ ♡

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    Precious Lafleur

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  46. Emely Troconis

    Emely Troconis

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    Excelentes muchachos, que Dios les siga bendiciendo, para se milenials son muy maduros e inteligentes, muchas felicidades y que sigan cosechando mas éxitos, pero recuerden, Nunca pierda la humildad y sencillez, la fama y la riqueza pueden pasar pero el amor de los verdaderos amigo y de aquellos quienes los apoyaron no pasará. Saludos desde Venezuela.

  47. Mohd Ayas

    Mohd Ayas

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    Masa saya sma saya pernah nyanyi lagu heal the world

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    اول مرة يعبرونا 🥺

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    They are great💜💜

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    ظايفين ترجمة للصم 🥺

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    minie cruz

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    Muy buenas respuestas BTS

  53. Jewel K

    Jewel K

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    Since no one's talking about it, can I say how beautiful that excerpt of Jungkook singing Blue & Grey was? At 6:10

  54. Jewel K

    Jewel K

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    Jungkook didn't get to answer many questions. But when he did you can feel that when he speak everything comes from the heart. He's so natural

  55. A


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    Kim Seok Jin is really Handsome. World Wide Handsome of course.

  56. behind grammy the scene of BTS

    behind grammy the scene of BTS

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    I see a perfect leader n president of youth generation in Kim Namjoon today 🙌🙌

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  58. tr ramya10

    tr ramya10

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  59. Marina Koval

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    Мы вас любим BTS . Ваши песни нас исцеляют .

  60. Sana Ruhi

    Sana Ruhi

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    *Namjoon is such an admirable man, he actually is quite conservative, sophisticated and simple contrary to his on stage persona... His personality is so rich it is the most attractive thing about him plus the intense dragon eyes and husky deep voice is an added onus*

  61. Abraxas


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    GAMSAHABNIDA for not forcing Jung Kook to cover up his right hand, and his tattoos. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🌷 -- PS: BTS members need an honorary doctorate from prestigious Korean university!

  62. DINESH Aggarwal

    DINESH Aggarwal

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    Everyone opinion -i don't know what they are saying but let's laugh 😂😂😂 ~JiN

  63. taehyungsring


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    Good interview but a lot of the questions where repetitive from other interviews but that's totally fine because because they were good questions. Rly like the professionality

  64. 식이


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    Butter에 이어서 Permission to dance까지 빌보드 1위를 연속으로 차지한 방탄소년단이 정말 대단하고 멋진 것 같습니다. 특히 노래 가사도 요즘 같이 안좋은 상황에 힘을 내도록 해주는 의미를 담고 있어서 더욱 의미있는 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 좋은 활동 이어나갔으면 좋겠고 항상 응원하겠습니다.

  65. kim rouzi

    kim rouzi

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  66. Alumna of Hogwarts

    Alumna of Hogwarts

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    They are most humble beings.....🥰 They gives me BUTTERFLIES 🦋just by listening or seeing them.... Really I m feeling 🦋right now....

  67. Flavia Martins

    Flavia Martins

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    Depois do que vi e ouvi, a admiração só veio a almentar, parabéns BTS❤️🌷🐰🇧🇷

  68. Armys Dominam o Mundo 🌎💜

    Armys Dominam o Mundo 🌎💜

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    Ah meu Deus...pra TUDO eles agradecem aos armys...por isso amamos tanto BTS 😭💜

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    Claire E

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    방탄소년단같은 케이팝 스타는 다시 안나올 것 같음. BTS가 군대를 가거나 해체하면 그 뒤를 이어 다른 케이팝 그룹이 미국에서 비슷한 인기를 얻을거라는 알못들이 있는데 지금 미국에서 BTS 이외의 케이팝 그룹들은 BTS에 비교하면 그 인기가 너무 미미함. BTS의 반이라도 따라오는 케이팝 그룹이 있어야하는데 그렇지 못하니 BTS 이후는 뭐....

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    Светлана Малородова

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    Спасибо. 👍

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    Сая Satavi

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    Почему мне кажется Чонгук встревоженным. Будто его что-то очень сильно беспокоит. Не могу понять, или мне показалось?

  72. Abigail


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    Not Jin winking is national TV 🤐

  73. jyoti Shaw 💜

    jyoti Shaw 💜

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    Joker group BTS singer

  74. Sushie


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    Kookie is that cute teddy that everyone wants to hug.😀😛😍💜

  75. Hazel Manalo

    Hazel Manalo

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    They are witty answering questions..

  76. dai ying

    dai ying

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    Pensé que no estaba en esp recién me doy cuenta 🙃

  77. anneliese kim

    anneliese kim

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    I am very proud of these seven people 💜

  78. Trinity God

    Trinity God

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    Suga's words💜😩 I've been saying this man is wise

    • Alumna of Hogwarts

      Alumna of Hogwarts

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      Yes...This man is really very wise...everytime i hear hear him i can feel wisdom flowing....🥰

  79. Helena xxx

    Helena xxx

    Pred mesiacom

    Sorry, just have eyes for beautiful V , want to hear him more

    • taehyungsring


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      That's solo Stan behavior. You can have a 'favorite' member or a member u relate with the most but saying u only like one is very toxic.

  80. Olaedo Chidera

    Olaedo Chidera

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    Kim Taehyung, thank you for delivering Blue and grey the way you did 💜



    Pred mesiacom

    I love bts

  82. S Sitterson

    S Sitterson

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    English subtitles please😟 I'm too challenged in my day to day to learn Korean.

    • Alumna of Hogwarts

      Alumna of Hogwarts

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      Hehe....... comeback English subtitles are here😁

  83. Denise Butler

    Denise Butler

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    great interview.xxxooo

  84. Do'aprint Digitalprinting

    Do'aprint Digitalprinting

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    인도네시아에서 온 우리는 MBC의 행동을 용납하지 않고 분노합니다. 우리에게 MBC 기자들은 한국적 사고를 대변해 왔다. MBC에 대한 국민들의 단호한 조치를 기다립니다....

  85. sri nani susilawati

    sri nani susilawati

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    Army 🇮🇩

  86. Sakura ♡

    Sakura ♡

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    Why no one is talking about Jin

  87. 아아


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    진짜 쩐다

  88. neerg🍀


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    That 20 seconds jimin's words are so comforting specially when you are struggling

  89. Maria Magdalena Calle

    Maria Magdalena Calle

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    BTS!!!!!!!!!!💜. Gracias por los subtitulos en español👌💜

  90. Siska Tan

    Siska Tan

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    BTS love you guys 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  91. Lé Violét

    Lé Violét

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

  92. Classy Crafty Ideas

    Classy Crafty Ideas

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    I am deaf BTS Sign language like thanks for ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💜🐯🐯

    • Alumna of Hogwarts

      Alumna of Hogwarts

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      Thanks to them they provided sign language....👍🥰

  93. Jjspecials xx

    Jjspecials xx

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    OMG, thanks for the chinese sub. subscribed.

  94. Jjspecials xx

    Jjspecials xx

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    i have a feeling that BTS may receive Nobel Prize in Peace contributions.

  95. Entertainment videos

    Entertainment videos

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    Good interview

  96. Yb. Delina

    Yb. Delina

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    As jimin said they don't know how to repay us But for us they are already repaying us by giving us their heart warming song

  97. key Barrios

    key Barrios

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    Gracias por ponerlo en español.

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    Sofi Velasquez

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    Gracias ❤

  99. Suspicious Roach -3-

    Suspicious Roach -3-

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    Yoongi wants, yoongi gets.

    • Alumna of Hogwarts

      Alumna of Hogwarts

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      Yeah let's aim for grammy this year👍

  100. Nurulhidayah Kim

    Nurulhidayah Kim

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    Kim namjoon look like my future husband