Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (One Take)

Doja Cat // “Kiss Me More” ft. SZA
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  1. 城來了


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  2. John Billie

    John Billie

    Pred 2 hodinami

    Love the way she looks me in the eyes when she singing to me

  3. Mari nette

    Mari nette

    Pred 6 hodinami

    I love Her so much ❤️🌸💌🐾

  4. mustlovedess


    Pred 20 hodinami


  5. Celine Anastasia Liem

    Celine Anastasia Liem

    Pred 22 hodinami

    This song reminds me of the song that was used at despicable me 1 lol

  6. kira tfs

    kira tfs

    Pred dňom

    how is it possible that literally every single movement and facial expression she makes is SO ON POINT?! she was really made for the show business and she deserves all the success and recognition in the world!

  7. kayla wigley

    kayla wigley

    Pred dňom

    kiss me more is such a vibe

  8. intrepidOlivia


    Pred dňom

    that flowy bodysuit is my favorite outfit in the video so this is particularly delightful

  9. HH Chan

    HH Chan

    Pred dňom

    Getting Ricardo Milos vibes

  10. scia•machy


    Pred 2 dňami


  11. eun sang kIM

    eun sang kIM

    Pred 2 dňami


  12. Dean B

    Dean B

    Pred 2 dňami

    I'm ready to go to one of her concerts!!!

  13. thr1lling


    Pred 2 dňami

    ok but i love dojas team

  14. Giada Cesarano

    Giada Cesarano

    Pred 2 dňami

    She is perfect

  15. NBA 2K IQ

    NBA 2K IQ

    Pred 2 dňami

    Do a song about ur 4head

  16. v8dEr


    Pred 2 dňami

    Wish this song/ music vid only had Doja in it. Not a fan of that SZA chick😖

  17. sarai cort

    sarai cort

    Pred 2 dňami

    Love doja cat

  18. Pavan Kalyan

    Pavan Kalyan

    Pred 3 dňami

    "We ain't got nothing to lose" -VIRGINITY says hii

  19. Golden Coast

    Golden Coast

    Pred 3 dňami

    I think she was built in a lab, for the sole purpose of performing live.

  20. Kevin Gregory Peter (drummershades)

    Kevin Gregory Peter (drummershades)

    Pred 3 dňami

    If you liked this song, I did a short Live Electronic Drum Remix here --> Check it out!

  21. Yasmim Gomez

    Yasmim Gomez

    Pred 3 dňami

    Ate hoje nao sei ainda se ela é branca ou negra kkkkkk

  22. nastara robinson

    nastara robinson

    Pred 3 dňami

    Love this song

  23. Alysson Mariel

    Alysson Mariel

    Pred 3 dňami

    soy la única que habla español y escucha todas las veces esta canción??

  24. ぼんみ


    Pred 3 dňami

    The fact that Doja radiates confidence in everything she does is amazing. For years i was shamed for having a similad body type to her. Always being told i look vulgar, exaggerated, etc even when it was something i cannot control because i was literally born with this structre. And im not talking about weight, because even borderline underweight, my thighs look bigger than the rest of my body while my upper body was very skinny. Simply the way my body is distributed i guess. So yeah, thank you Doja for representing all the girls with similar bodies like yours ❤

  25. 붝성AH


    Pred 4 dňami

    춤추눈 분홍소세지같다

  26. Janiqua Qua

    Janiqua Qua

    Pred 4 dňami

    "Yeeah... YEEEEAAH!!!!!" 🤣 Nailed it!

  27. Creepy


    Pred 4 dňami

    Me an asexual vibing to this

  28. LA tx

    LA tx

    Pred 4 dňami

    @0:43 she’s so cute!!

  29. Natalie Salinas

    Natalie Salinas

    Pred 4 dňami

    Does she have a big boy between her legs lol lol or something like that… Fold and tuck like they have to do with the money

  30. DIY


    Pred 4 dňami

    I’m sorry, but she is giving me telatubbi vibes, I didn’t spell that correctly

  31. Dilma Oliveira

    Dilma Oliveira

    Pred 5 dňami

    Queria que criace um clipe, ARIANA GRANDE , Lady gaga

  32. Patrick Dos Santos

    Patrick Dos Santos

    Pred 5 dňami

    Play on !!! Pleeease ❤ 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. A A

    A A

    Pred 5 dňami


  34. 🧋PEACHII 🧋

    🧋PEACHII 🧋

    Pred 5 dňami

    I don't know about y'all but I came for a dadzi oumsa edited

  35. mirio-jk


    Pred 5 dňami

    Let’s get PHYSICAL

  36. Mia Francisco

    Mia Francisco

    Pred 5 dňami

    Who ever dislike at this they are noobs

  37. Soba Fordays

    Soba Fordays

    Pred 5 dňami

    pov: she's actually the secret lOsT teletubby

  38. Autumn Sage

    Autumn Sage

    Pred 5 dňami

    A star

  39. April Showers

    April Showers

    Pred 5 dňami

    I love this! I dislike how quickly the shots change in music videos so this is so cool to see one complete take of one scene

  40. Gekon7479


    Pred 5 dňami

    if you want to see real onetake should be done then check this out >>>

  41. Sivana Sexy

    Sivana Sexy

    Pred 6 dňamiバウアー SVwhite: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SVwhite: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков

    • HIMED


      Pred 5 dňami


  42. Tobi Pohan (Tobipo)

    Tobi Pohan (Tobipo)

    Pred 6 dňami

    i can't help but either smile or bust a wholesome laugh everytime i see her move

  43. Miea Sa

    Miea Sa

    Pred 6 dňami


  44. Larry's potato

    Larry's potato

    Pred 6 dňami

    Please three people in the comments have said they were the one person cheering at the end when that was the director💀💀

  45. 🖤ℒℯℴ_𝒫𝒶𝓉𝒸𝒽ℯ𝓈🖤


    Pred 6 dňami

    1.She got a natural body 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 2.She can make hit after hit 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  46. Peter Swift

    Peter Swift

    Pred 6 dňami


  47. jay. Dare

    jay. Dare

    Pred 6 dňami

    Ion mean to be that girl, but of the 3 releases we had last night and today (For the love of NY, Thot shit and Need to know), Doja's was the best and now here I am soaking in her versatility and hits ❤

  48. SimpleIdeas


    Pred 6 dňami

    does anyone know who designed that amazing outfit?? i swear to god doja and all of her associates are so UNIQUE and their ideas are so original and i love it!! keep serving us with this you are so talented!!

  49. Javier Santana

    Javier Santana

    Pred 7 dňami


  50. max gustyシ

    max gustyシ

    Pred 7 dňami

    Doja live in other planet now 😂

  51. Def Style

    Def Style

    Pred 7 dňami

    Why does Doja music sound so good to me?

  52. Slowedo Music

    Slowedo Music

    Pred 7 dňami

    What a talent ✨❤️🔥

  53. netanya


    Pred 7 dňami

    omg its cynthia from rugrats

  54. truth finder

    truth finder

    Pred 7 dňami

    Her Ashram visits paid off 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Mariz Naorbe

    Mariz Naorbe

    Pred 7 dňami

    she's so beautiful

  56. Nicole Hansen

    Nicole Hansen

    Pred 7 dňami

    She has such an amazing figure. Such a naturally beautiful babe❤️

  57. Normal Human

    Normal Human

    Pred 7 dňami

    how do you apply foracting positions like this guy

  58. Ashley Parchment

    Ashley Parchment

    Pred 7 dňami

    I'm person at the end - yeahhhh yeahhhh

  59. Faith Willy

    Faith Willy

    Pred 7 dňami


  60. Khaililah Haullah Syafiqa

    Khaililah Haullah Syafiqa

    Pred 7 dňami

    I love everything about her. Her energy, confidence, mentality, music, everything. 💕

  61. Sofia •-•

    Sofia •-•

    Pred 8 dňami

    Avouez on vient tous de TikTok

  62. Lety escobar

    Lety escobar

    Pred 8 dňami

    En la mente de ella se cree vonita mas vonita karolgi

  63. ꧁ Ṩweeᵵʕ•ᴥ•ʔLȋlâç ꧂

    ꧁ Ṩweeᵵʕ•ᴥ•ʔLȋlâç ꧂

    Pred 8 dňami

    yt with their 20 sec unskippable ads 😃

  64. crimsonruby kim

    crimsonruby kim

    Pred 8 dňami


  65. Cheese queen 🐸🍄👾🧋

    Cheese queen 🐸🍄👾🧋

    Pred 8 dňami

    I feel f*cking something always gets me

  66. AS - 05RI 854733 Thorn Lodge PS

    AS - 05RI 854733 Thorn Lodge PS

    Pred 8 dňami

    Yaaaas queeeenn

  67. Wabbit qwq

    Wabbit qwq

    Pred 8 dňami


  68. Amelia T

    Amelia T

    Pred 8 dňami

    OMG. That is all.

  69. B.Allen


    Pred 9 dňami

    She's so special

  70. LA Boa (MOROCO TOPO)


    Pred 9 dňami


  71. ᪥Fʀᴏɢɢʏ ᴍɪʟᴋ᪥

    ᪥Fʀᴏɢɢʏ ᴍɪʟᴋ᪥

    Pred 9 dňami

    so cool UwU

  72. Fabian Andres

    Fabian Andres

    Pred 9 dňami


  73. Operation Ada

    Operation Ada

    Pred 9 dňami

    she's an absolutely fantastic performer so I'm not surprised her choreography is so on point

  74. Paola_ Pratu

    Paola_ Pratu

    Pred 9 dňami


  75. DiMash Potato

    DiMash Potato

    Pred 9 dňami

    Can haters just please go away, seriously what’s the point on commenting in this video 😅

  76. Huston Brice

    Huston Brice

    Pred 9 dňami

    Hi 🥰🥰😎😎😘😘😉💕💝

  77. Jang J

    Jang J

    Pred 9 dňami

    Stayc girls its goin down

  78. Liza babe

    Liza babe

    Pred 10 dňami

    She got addiction looks

  79. 47_Ziro'atus sa'adah

    47_Ziro'atus sa'adah

    Pred 10 dňami

    【Rainych】 Kiss Me More (Doja Cat ft SZA) - Japanese Version (cover)

  80. Anabell


    Pred 10 dňami


  81. Agnes Pineda

    Agnes Pineda

    Pred 11 dňami

    Kiss Me More (One Take)

  82. Xofieea


    Pred 11 dňami

    Let's be honest everyone, Everytime she sings a song it sounds like perfection.

  83. e


    Pred 11 dňami

    Ok ..... What else did you expect me to say?

  84. cheniie95


    Pred 11 dňami

    i cant imagine doja wearing everyday normal clothes anymore :") also i love the whimsical cape

  85. Daisyree Dasigan

    Daisyree Dasigan

    Pred 11 dňami


  86. Cycling CMDR

    Cycling CMDR

    Pred 12 dňami

    If you can see it from the front..

  87. Anderson Ruiz

    Anderson Ruiz

    Pred 12 dňami

    La mejor parte de la canción

  88. K R 04

    K R 04

    Pred 12 dňami

    she is so bossss, she is the sexiest woman she what is her level its seducing to all from the comments on all of her songs. straight girls going bi for doja thigh Haha. love you doja you the best

  89. alejandro rosales

    alejandro rosales

    Pred 12 dňami

    Well doja cat 🐈 your songs 🎵 and music 🎶 is the very best in hip hop 👌 i like the way you sing those cool maladys doja cat sing from the heart ❤ for all the fans to see how talented you are as an artist with your music 🎶 so for now focus on your songs 🎵 and with time this virus will have to end okay 👌 rock on 🤘 keep those rythms flowing and you will perform on stage ❤ again

  90. 이주원


    Pred 12 dňami


  91. Carolina Portale

    Carolina Portale

    Pred 12 dňami

    she's just so talented ♥_♥ what a woman

  92. Chimeria Evans

    Chimeria Evans

    Pred 12 dňami

    Serve hunty ✨

  93. Christian Figuroa

    Christian Figuroa

    Pred 12 dňami

    So magical

    • shop aka htw

      shop aka htw

      Pred 11 dňami

      Yes it is

  94. Neo Anderson

    Neo Anderson

    Pred 12 dňami

    -"Kiss Me More - Bath House sequence Take 8” -"Yeah....yeaaaaah" "Kiss Me More - Bath House sequence Take 9....”

  95. SoN_Toryama


    Pred 13 dňami

    The most beautiful thighs I've ever seen

  96. daynull


    Pred 13 dňami

    those shoes holdin onto dear life

  97. A to Z Stuff

    A to Z Stuff

    Pred 13 dňami

    I m in love with her voice❤️😭😭

  98. Julien picher et solenne

    Julien picher et solenne

    Pred 13 dňami


  99. maisya carolina

    maisya carolina

    Pred 13 dňami