Ako na to a štýl

Dovetail Tomahawk

Making a dovetail tomahawk from scrap. Inspired by rare examples of steel and brass pipe tomahawk, exchanged as diplomatic gifts between Europeans and Native Americans.
I don't pretend this to be functional. It's made for the challenge of making it and as art piece more than an actual work hatchet. It can still chop stuff and seems to hold up well, but of course it has nothing to do with a proper one made entirely of steel.
I'll do my best to answer questions in comments and I'll add the most frequent one here:
0:00 Steel Edge
3:27 Pattern
5:30 Brass Cast
7:47 Head
10:37 Handle
13:09 Test
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    farshid mansouri

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    Jameel Ahmad

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  13. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

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    Connor kenway 😁

  14. Beta Fish Jeremy

    Beta Fish Jeremy

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    I guess the worst part of this video for me is that I know you can make amazing things but, this video just feels like you made it because all the normies will think it's amazing and cool but not understand the problems with it because they aren't bladesmiths. Kind of like Forged in Fire, it's a show for normies who know nothing but then the get misconceptions

  15. Beta Fish Jeremy

    Beta Fish Jeremy

    Pred 2 dňami

    Why quench it if you are going to destroy the temper?

  16. Fazal Hanan

    Fazal Hanan

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  17. Dharminder Singh

    Dharminder Singh

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    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

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      I wouldn't, it's pretty sure but it would stay sharp

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    FeaTHereD XD

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    that axe is not good :(

    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

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      Now do you know why? I do I'm just wondering if you know the real reason it's bad

  30. Afshin T

    Afshin T

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    Diwakar Diwakar

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    Ijaz Ullah

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    Fantastic art

  33. Kelvin Pizarro

    Kelvin Pizarro

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    Minuto 6:47 se daño la cerámica del piso😬

  34. Fox Alive

    Fox Alive

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    Any one from valorant?

  35. Gumnam Musafir

    Gumnam Musafir

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    Madhusudan Raj Purohit

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    • S.A. SALIM

      S.A. SALIM

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  40. Puppy


    Pred 5 dňami

    What's the solution that you dip the blade in? I think to myself that its just water but how does it catch fire underwater?

    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

      Pred 2 dňami

      An oil of some type, there are ones designed for quenching steel. It's a shame he wasted the time to do it, he destroyed the temper and it's hardness by pouring molten metal on it. Say that was 1080 steel for the bit, you quench at around 1400 and then temper at 400 for 2 hours twice. Pouring molten metal that is much hotter would ruin that and make the metal softer and not stay sharp. Basically don't do this.

  41. Abdellah Bensedira

    Abdellah Bensedira

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    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

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      A true craftsman would care about quality not just it's looks and this isn't quality I promise you that

  43. Jerry purohit

    Jerry purohit

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  45. George Perez

    George Perez

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    Cool end product but your pours give me anxiety!!

  46. waseem Sultan

    waseem Sultan

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    Now thats craftmanship

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  51. Jonathan Valdiviezo

    Jonathan Valdiviezo

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  52. Yashoda Batra

    Yashoda Batra

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    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

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  57. Al De Leon

    Al De Leon

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    "But will it keel?"

    • Beta Fish Jeremy

      Beta Fish Jeremy

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      It would fail so fast in FiF. That blade is soft

    • Silas Chitpasong-Zimmerman

      Silas Chitpasong-Zimmerman

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      Gotta love Doug Marcaida

  58. Алексей Нефёдов

    Алексей Нефёдов

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    Yooj Yim

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    Do you for sale that axe? I need one.

  61. Deus Dei

    Deus Dei

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    A tomahawk is made to be light, can be thrown , and the thing is the blade goes from the tail up so you can change the handle with ease if you brake it :) . So I don't think this is a a T hawk . But I love the hatchet, its nice, love the 2 metals combination.

  62. nitro gaming

    nitro gaming

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    Who is best Random hands=👍 Black beard projects=💬 EDIT: I bet he will not pin me

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    gopa kumar

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    I Don't what Is it But IT Kinda Hot

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    Mr. VDG

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    Great video, you make so good!!!

  65. Ashwin Leo

    Ashwin Leo

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    U took all your efforts and engineering just to make a pencil sharpener 🙁.but, I like your dedication and knowledge

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    Good job

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    Good job 💯💯💯

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    Cool video

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    Мастер ЛАЗа.

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    man i am jealous of your tools.Dreamland! great job!

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    is ok amazing

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    Woodworking Diy

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    amazing ! The craftsman is very skillful

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    Marquitta Trent

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    I need one of those as a gift for a friend

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    Мастер ЛАЗа.

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    Raghu darling Raghu

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    Vladimir Santos da Cruz

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    What is this 3:07?

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    Baris Cankaya

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    haha black beard is nerfed again! suck it bb mains!

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    Sajad wood work

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    Wonderful work 👌 with this wonderful personality

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    That was very satisfying! Thank you!!

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    all those work for nothing my terrible axe cuts a whole tree down

  98. Steve


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    Wait! At 2:00 minutes, you finish up using what appears to be a dremel tool on the inside curves, and then when putting the piece in the vice, there are grooves in the curves. How did they get there all of a sudden? Why did you obviously leave something out?

  99. Saramuito forte Pereira

    Saramuito forte Pereira

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    Mais nunca q a gente ver a cara do meliante kkkk