Nintendo Console Restoration - Yellowed Plastic Retrobright

How to Restore and how to retrobright old plastic on Retro Console Nintendo
I show you how to remove the yellowing from vintage plastics with Retrobright method.
This console was bought from Ebay in working condition but is not working.
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  1. TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

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    After You watch this Awesome video you should check my Gigantic Hammer Restoration!🥰🤩🥳 Here: 😘

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      Jaja Ez

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      for a guy who restores things you know jack $ it about cartages, never blow in them wet a qtip clean and dry

    • Gus Smiles

      Gus Smiles

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      @tysytube restoration At nearly 60 years old, this was a fun presentation to watch! Might I suggest something.. A large flat clear container, much like the one you have for soaking the console, taking it apart in that kind of container, exposing it to UVC light for a while to kill any contaminants that you may bring into your home. When I saw you open this console saw all the little things in it that were absolutely disgusting, it dawned on me if you are not careful you probably could get a contaminant be a bug, parasite or some unwanted houseguest. PS.. I'm very impressed with the handling care that you did with this particular console, old plastic exposed to chemicals and contaminants can be very brittle and break easily, you did very well not to break them. Congratulations. ☮️

    • Isaque CP

      Isaque CP

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      Nintendo 64

    • Dude Playz

      Dude Playz

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      I have seen many people soak the yellowed product inside hydrogen peroxide under UV light wHy don't u do that for removing yellowing

  2. ST


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    is that the same way to restore some yellowed active figures?

  3. Z4J3B4NT


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    It's fascinating that a guy that can restore a Nintendo to pristine condition doesn't know that blowing on cartriges doesn't do anything. All you do is spit saliva on it which actually makes it degrade faster... Pulling a cartridge out and putting it back in has the same effect as doing it and then blowing on it, except you don't spit on the chip connector. I thought that's common knowledge by now.

  4. Koen Bracke

    Koen Bracke

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    Waaaaaw ! Incredible !! Next: Atari ST ? It was my first computer. I have one, but it’s as yellow as your Nintendo… So I’m very interested to see if that’s possible. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Koen (Belgium).

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    Mikail Akbaş

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    Wanted Super Mario İn Atari :)

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    gary v

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    Did it work?

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    Super broken nintendo

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    jokes to you i already subbed

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    Derya Varıcı

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    14:49 : I tried that hard, let me play at least ahhahahahah

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    Derya Varıcı

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    10:03 this is mosquito :O

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    Derya Varıcı

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    My favourite Hubba and Bubba :D :D

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    x2a TV

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    how many watts soldering iron sir?

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    mr. john

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    can you fix my comptor?

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    light saber

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    I'm 10 and I never had a console

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    Kartikay Mahajan

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    I like restoration

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    Zetabyte Gamer

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    Handheld console 😀😀

  17. Hazed


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    Would love to be this mechanically inclined. I would open that thing up and be lost as to separating every little bit I'd just break it all trying to remove So very satisfying seeing you dissamble

  18. Gerlucia Martins Laugeton

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    fox master 2190

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    World “the perfect asmr doesn’t exist” Me with this video 🦊

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    Serhat Aktaş

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    It was the same when I was a kid.... I'm so glad to see you again right now.... 😍

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    Nihaal Tanveer Islam

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    You should restore a xbox 360

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    Je veux bien qu tu réparé ma ps3

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    amit thapliyal

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    I should have requeste for replacement or refund.....😉

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    PlainrockIsAn IBookFixer?

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    That looks like a Super Family Computer

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    주간 나상욱

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    6:14 Stop Motion 스톱모션

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    Doug Quaid

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    Fantastic video, a work of art.

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    Dual Z Gaming

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    Satisfying 😌 4:48

  28. Dual Z Gaming

    Dual Z Gaming

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    Satisfying 😌 4:48



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    No my cokies :c

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    Giwl Gwamer UwU

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    1:28 I came here to watch how he's repairing old SNES but he decided to blow at disk what breaks it XD Never blow at disk if you want keep it alive



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    4 days just to clean the case under continious uv light, man you show real dedication for repairs ! You have my sub!

  33. spartan X

    spartan X

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    in this video you seems a bit violent with the object, paying less attention if you could injure th console during process, not as a destroyer, just a bit more violent that usually

  34. BuRaK PLaYss

    BuRaK PLaYss

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    This video change will be like ASMR videos ;D

  35. Fixit TR

    Fixit TR

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    a very nice restoration video is amazing

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    A great film cut for the excellent work.

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    Supernintendo charmers



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    Was that the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" game?

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    It only took this video for me to subscribe, the incredible and satisfying parts got me!

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    This is a super Famicom right? BTW if you don't have a lot of time, watch it at 2x speed

  51. Christopher Melvin

    Christopher Melvin

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    It was probably previously owned by a crackhead. Unfortunate. Btw if you haven't filed a complaint to ebay you should.

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    Daniel Simões

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    blowing the cartridge when the game doesn't seem to work is an international technique, maybe universal lol

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    Kevin Colt

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    What took you 15 minutes to watch, took him 15 hours to do.

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    Takara Lockyer

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    Augusto Hertzog

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    Try restoring a Nintendo 64. I restored mine and used WD-40 on his cover to let it shining. And looks awesome now.

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  66. Tamminaidu Kandapu

    Tamminaidu Kandapu

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    Your stop motion animation and sence of humor are good, But your talent and dedication are amazing

  67. norri


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    Where is that place? I have the same one, but I can't throw it away because it's a waste that it's broken. I have more than 20 packs, but I can't throw them away because of my childhood memories. Can I fix it, too? I'm in South Korea.

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    Deep Kumar

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    remember the dreamcast system........................still got it

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    With regard to rusted metals - which are typically steels - I've found Autosolv from Germany to be magic stuff that removes the rust and polishes the surface to look brand new incredibly well. As a P.S. - the game is a videogame version of *Area 88* a famous manga & anime about mercenary jet fighter pilots in the middle east, including a Japanese hero.

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    (7:32) is like asmr ;)

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    4:02 It contains a Korean semiconductor.

  94. Somebody kill me now

    Somebody kill me now

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    Even if I'm just some kid who wasn't even born during that gen, this system will always be my fav :>

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