Villagers - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 9

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  1. Harper Halliwell

    Harper Halliwell

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    Those villagers been to the gym



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  3. Khalil


    Pred 5 dňami

    Wow I like your ideas really smart

  4. Omar_Dreemurr


    Pred 7 dňami

    before this episode here sa=tarts the real action and drama no time to play around btw alen becker is my fav youtuber and all of your animation are the best i saw in youtube

  5. Creeper Silau

    Creeper Silau

    Pred 7 dňami

    When you realise that villager's build better than you

  6. John Lewis

    John Lewis

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    The flawless find emotionally fire because zoology expectantly store apropos a mixed responsibility. tough, superb good-bye

  7. Guamán Gustavo

    Guamán Gustavo

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    4:53 pov: capilalismo

  8. Thithi Chen

    Thithi Chen

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    Jgyjb/70987632hhj Go 🇹🇨🚒🚌🚙🚑🚓🚕🥶🥵😦😯😮😵🚨mGgggggggggggg

  9. Heitor Bauer

    Heitor Bauer

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  10. MartinPiskul


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  11. Luis Mario Ojeda

    Luis Mario Ojeda

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    Para los que hablan Español y quieren conocer Mejores Subtítulos :) Miren e, Capituló 7 para saber más sobre esto :) Azul y Verde *Salen del Portal* Azul:En donde estas extraño? Ehh que este lugar? Verde:Mira! Un bote de Reciclaje! *Se pone a Investigar si hay algo* Aquí no hay nada! Azul:Cultivos! Que raro… habrá más gente aquí? ESTO ES UNA ALDEA! Aldeanos: *Platican* 2 Aldeanos:INTRUSOS! Azul y Verde:Hola! Emmm… nos están Ignorando? *Hacen como Aldeano* Aldeanos:Que hacemos con estos 2? Mejor vengan! Verde:Aaaaa, mamá! AYUDAAAAA Aldeano: *Abre una Carpeta* Otros Aldeanos:Que pasa? Verde: *Ve Cosas Moradas* *Espera un Segundo esto es del mismo color del extraño que vimos en el Infierno…* Aldeano: *Abre una Carpeta* Otros Aldeanos:Gracias Jefe! Los 2 Aldeanos:Mire lo que traemos, Jefe! Azul:SOMOS IGUALES! Oye, nosotros también tenemos eso! ??????:Cuarzo Verde:Yo también tengo Cuarzo! Aldeanos:Gracias! ??????:Basta! Basta! BASTA! ALDEANOS! LLÉVENSELOS A LA CÁRCEL! Los mismos Aldeanos: *Lo llevan a la Cárcel* Verde:AAA NOOO! A LA CÁRCEL NOOOOO! Azul:NO DE NUEVO POR FAVOOOOR Aldeanos:Ahi se quedan! Azul:espera! Verde:Ahi no… Azul:Venga! No te Preocupes! A MINAR! Los 2:SOMOS LIBRES! *Corren* *Golpes* Golem:De aquí no salen! Aldeano:No se escaparan de aquí! Azul:NO ESPERA! Tenemos Oro! Aldeano:Olvídalo Azul y Verde:Tenemos Muchos más! Aldeano:OH POR DIOS! CLARO! son Libres! Golem:VUELVAN A LA CÁRCEL Aldeano:No espera! Déjalos Libres! Otro Aldeano:Oh no! Son ellos de Nuevo! A la Cárcel! Azul: No espera! Tengo Oro! Aldeano:Aldeanos! Miren! Oro! Otro Aldeano:Te lo doy por esto! Gracias Azul:Tengo más oro *Negocio* *Más Negocios* *Demasiados Negocios* ??????:Donde estarán los demás? Aldeano:Oigan! Los Prisioneros han sido liberados y ESTÁN DANDO BUENOS NEGOCIOS! Los otros Aldeanos:EN SERIO El Aldeano:SII Los Otros Aldeanos:PUES VAMOS! ??????:ESPERA QUE?! iré a ver qué pasa! *UN MOMTON DE NEGOCIOS* Yo:Sácate a Volar! Yo ya me voy! ??????:Pero que… *Más Negocios* ??????:Maldita Sea! Oigan!… espera ya se fueron? Iré a ver qué harán? Aldeanos: *Mejoran el Castillo* ??????:WoW Azul y Verde: *Llegan* ??????:Gracias a esto, serán los Nuevos Reyes! Azul y Verde:Oh por Dios! Esto no me lo Esperaba! ??????:Vengan! *Toca la Pierda* *Se abre una Puerta Secreta* entren! *Un Portal del End* ??????:Vengan! *Activa el Portal* *Los 3 se Meten* The End

  12. Jingjerd


    Pred 13 dňami

    mistake that alan make while making the animation 3:46, the wool must be purple

  13. Əli kral blavl syars rzayev

    Əli kral blavl syars rzayev

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  14. Kunpei Sato

    Kunpei Sato

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    xin ru

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  16. xin ru

    xin ru

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    Cookbook is in my account

  17. xin ru

    xin ru

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  18. Lifestyle with - Denise

    Lifestyle with - Denise

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    I mean lifestyle

  19. Lifestyle with - Denise

    Lifestyle with - Denise

    Pred 16 dňami

    Hi blue do you wanna style wite

  20. 58 85

    58 85

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    Bu altyazıyı türkçe kim yaptı yaw😁

  21. KM11 killer

    KM11 killer

    Pred 17 dňami

    Hmmm hummm humm humm hum humm hum hum hummm

  22. Pred 17 dňami

    How did yellow and green have some end dimension blocks even through they did not go to the end

  23. Cybercircut


    Pred 18 dňami

    TSC/orange: A dude who just wants everyone to be happy, but also a god in this series and AVA, Yellow: A stickman who loves inventing and Redstone, he'll do anything to make something out of the ordinary Green: Someone who just loves to make stuff, and build whatever he wants, he's a creative guy Blue: Addicted to nether wart, loves to make potions, and messes around with nature, and loves it Red: the tough guy who will get aggressive whenever his friends mess with him or his friends are in danger, he cares about his pig a lot Purple: He has no talents, but he just wants power and will do anything for it King Orange: Someone who wants to destroy the world of Minecraft and has no mercy for anyone I love that each character just has a personality! it's really cool! i've been watching this series ever since i was 9, i'm 14 now, and thanks for the nostalgia, alan

  24. sall david

    sall david

    Pred 18 dňami

    2 kings of Minecraft and a traitor

  25. cytix


    Pred 19 dňami

    so the nether is like the internet :o connecting all the computers together

  26. Lukegavin 1111

    Lukegavin 1111

    Pred 19 dňami

    Oh my! Blue and Green sure is rich

  27. feride işlek

    feride işlek

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  28. Rihards


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  29. StarBeam Games

    StarBeam Games

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    I wonder if the person who has the village ever gets annoyed by it, or if they're cool with it.

  30. Alaina Sabrina

    Alaina Sabrina

    Pred 22 dňami

    Being around you is like a happy little vacation.

  31. evan2player


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    1:49 dangggg, is that MacBook Pro? Dangggg

  32. blazzwolf


    Pred 24 dňami

    Wait villager like emerald not gold

  33. Zyshaun Walden

    Zyshaun Walden

    Pred 24 dňami

    4:48 only in creative mode 😁

  34. Max Gamer

    Max Gamer

    Pred 25 dňami

    other people: Why did he keep multiple crowns? me: Why is the wool of his throne red instead of purple?

  35. ธนกร เพชรชนะ

    ธนกร เพชรชนะ

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  36. Татьяна Чичерина

    Татьяна Чичерина

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    😢 |

  37. Yanjun Chen

    Yanjun Chen

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    a prison of stone in minecraft is so stupid

  38. fliqpy


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    4:08 street ebay

  39. Pred 27 dňami

    Spoiler warning Is this the same purple we see in the parkour video?

    • Ramses19


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    • Ramses19


      Pred 26 dňami

      Of course he id

  40. Aiden deSoto

    Aiden deSoto

    Pred 28 dňami

    both green and blue: *shows an golden block in the middle of the village* villagers: MINE!!!

  41. Gerald Ballinger

    Gerald Ballinger

    Pred 28 dňami

    when blue and green were trading rapidly it reminded me of why i live in minecraft villages and creare a wall around there village and i create more iorn golems that should be needed and i don't kills the villagers TRADING USELESS STUFF FOR GOOD STUFF (i know its lazy but once i was hunting zombies because a trade was 2 rotten flesh for a emerald which i could use to trade for a diamond (i ended up hunting until i had 32 plus the 20 i had in my monster drop storage chest (i like to be organized)

  42. Milk4Lyfe


    Pred 28 dňami

    in this episode, green and blue bribes their way to victory!

  43. Galaxy of the tears

    Galaxy of the tears

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  44. Michael The Hero games and more

    Michael The Hero games and more

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  45. ianGame!


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    morado la mas traicionera hmm

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    Ayelen Valdez

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  48. Ian nuñez

    Ian nuñez

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  49. -exvill0-


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    When you realize that its blue and green wich means.. Shrek x sonic 😜



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    C q

  51. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop

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    i miss the old villagers

  52. Layonel Calderón

    Layonel Calderón

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    Putple Blue Green

  53. agustina Sanchez

    agustina Sanchez

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    Ϊf dar xx dfcecx do

  54. Hotnauli Simbolon

    Hotnauli Simbolon

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    Raja pasaribu Crftsman di

  55. Hotnauli Simbolon

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  56. Hotnauli Simbolon

    Hotnauli Simbolon

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  57. latha srk

    latha srk

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    I am Orange

  58. Pred mesiacom

    Wow this is cool Alan

  59. الوليد إدريس

    الوليد إدريس

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    Yes maybe you can get the day before and it is a great day

  60. Semih Güzeldal

    Semih Güzeldal

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    Sana bayılıyorum

  61. Shraman Lahiri

    Shraman Lahiri

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    This is the point where the AlanStickMinecraftVerse Picks up steam.

  62. Valentino L. R.

    Valentino L. R.

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    iXMgpahw pgbx guw5ghsai u8bnbtwh

  63. Valentino L. R.

    Valentino L. R.

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    Fikri Jaenal

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    AKU SUKA☺☺☺☺

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    ALL bits

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  66. ALL bits

    ALL bits

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    ALL bits

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    • ALL bits

      ALL bits

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      Are muslim

  68. ALL bits

    ALL bits

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    Are muslim

  69. RottenMilk


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  70. gamer Jacky

    gamer Jacky

    Pred mesiacom

    wait.... Purple looks like the guys from Stickfigures Fight website. Do you think purple used to be on there but the creator of the website let purple free?

  71. Nurlu Çocuk

    Nurlu Çocuk

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    oha nasıl yapıyorsunuz harika oluyor

  72. Yoshiaki Okada

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  73. Salvador Romero Pineda

    Salvador Romero Pineda

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    muy bueno becker te doy like y me subscribo

  74. mz0qx kitty

    mz0qx kitty

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    I love you, you work hard and your videos are so funny💕💕💕

  75. Current.Gaming YT

    Current.Gaming YT

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    Whats Wrong Your Account? I Can Watch But More Ads??

  76. TwiceAnton [Roblox]

    TwiceAnton [Roblox]

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    Я один русский?

  77. Гульнара Васильева

    Гульнара Васильева

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  78. rmijares


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    can we take a moment to appreciate how he takes time to make long animations for us?

  79. RainbowV


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    I guess they teleported to a Macbook.

  80. Blake Ezell

    Blake Ezell

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    Paramount Feature Presentation Gumball.exe Times Scarier Out Now

  81. Blake Ezell

    Blake Ezell

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    Paramount Feature Presentation Barney.exe Times Scarier Out August 21st 2021

  82. Fanta Sannoh

    Fanta Sannoh

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    Don't think about sending blue and green away purple

  83. Nguyen Phong

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  84. Miko Dy

    Miko Dy

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    3 years later... The mushrooms: i finnaly grew!!!

  85. Yao Dong Luo - Main Channel

    Yao Dong Luo - Main Channel

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    It was so kind that the villagers, Green and Blue helped make Purple’s castle beautiful!

  86. Michael Kosmala

    Michael Kosmala

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    4:44 Ah, the free market is a beautiful thing.

  87. Toast


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    Just some random piglin falls from the sky and chrushes Blue.

  88. Geyls Treat

    Geyls Treat

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    I have 1000 iron and gold In my chest but you can't find it haha I hide it in my cage hahahah I will never change my ok in my minecraft but I'm in sky block it take long you will be fine I go in a mine

  89. Geyls Treat

    Geyls Treat

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    I have minecraft in Samsung phone ha I built a bigger house I'n minecraft but I have iron hahaha I will not make you look it so good like a building haha but you can't build it

  90. Tomasz Wrębiak

    Tomasz Wrębiak

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    20 20

  91. Tomasz Wrębiak

    Tomasz Wrębiak

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  92. 박정인


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    이유튜버는 한국인 인가 아님 외국인 인가

  93. aizen young

    aizen young

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    7:01 blue and green have made the advancement: “the end?”

  94. cemal topçuoğlu

    cemal topçuoğlu

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    Alan Becker❤🇹🇷

  95. Toilrts


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    blue and green bribes a villager to get out of prison

  96. YONG TAO


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    green blue purple I see a pattern

  97. Martini Espinoza

    Martini Espinoza

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  98. Dhruv


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    I love to kill villagers

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    Root red VIP

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