His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!


  1. ⭐️ Amber Vanilla ⭐️

    ⭐️ Amber Vanilla ⭐️

    Pred 3 hodinami

    This young man made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!

  2. Billy in Alabama

    Billy in Alabama

    Pred 4 hodinami

    Utterly magnificent.

  3. ryan pactulin

    ryan pactulin

    Pred 8 hodinami

    Nice voice I'm cry this songs

  4. Silverio Castillo

    Silverio Castillo

    Pred 9 hodinami

    On days i dont cry for nobody The past in death every day is a new day A week a go i was homeless 4 days later god gave me a place to live Thank you god. For changing my life

  5. Carolina Ellen

    Carolina Ellen

    Pred 9 hodinami

    Eu perdi minha melhor amiga a 3 meses chorei muito....

  6. Kelechi Promise

    Kelechi Promise

    Pred 13 hodinami

    What a wonderful song so touching

  7. Hayden Black

    Hayden Black

    Pred 13 hodinami

    Watta the dislikes for?

  8. Praise be to you, in the name of the Lord

    Praise be to you, in the name of the Lord

    Pred 14 hodinami

    People of the world, don't never get a COVID-19 Vaccine.!

  9. Praise be to you, in the name of the Lord

    Praise be to you, in the name of the Lord

    Pred 15 hodinami

    COVID-19 is one part of a lot of plans about controls and reduces of Deep State's global population. Don't be fooled.!

  10. Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

    Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

    Pred 15 hodinami


    • Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

      Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

      Pred 14 hodinami

      Maybe it’s just me but he sounded flat. He’s ok, kinda boring. I really don’t think it was that great. I skipped the story though. I’m sure it’s an emotional sap story that made people feel differently maybe.

  11. Lol


    Pred 16 hodinami

    Josh easy … you gonna join him Sooner or later like we all :) dosnt matter you poor or rich …. We can’t cheat time :))))

  12. Jugdjay


    Pred 18 hodinami

    If Simon Cowell cries, you're getting instant proof that you're an amazing singer.



    Pred 19 hodinami

    Shiv aum vishnavey namah સીતારામ Jay shree krishna Jay hind

  14. Marcello Moro

    Marcello Moro

    Pred 20 hodinami

    Then there are real singers, they are not extinct. Listening to this guy, my skin got stuck. Voice at the highest level, and the text that breaks you the heart. These young people should be given contracts record companies, and do a bit of cleaning up the filth that now rage. Real voices without many frills, see reggaeton, trap, and similar made with autotune ed other sound manipulations. In a nutshell it makes justice to the real black music of the past. Good luck to him and others like him👍👍💚💚

  15. Liliane Leterrier

    Liliane Leterrier

    Pred 20 hodinami

    Beaucoup d émotion

  16. Sandy Trosper

    Sandy Trosper

    Pred 23 hodinami


  17. Opa Chawngthu

    Opa Chawngthu

    Pred dňom

    Everytime i listen to this song , i always cried

  18. olympicsportsrule


    Pred dňom

    Not moved by performance it was ok but not great.

  19. Chandra Bz

    Chandra Bz

    Pred dňom

    Ga tau arti nya, tapi seneng banget dengar lagu nya

  20. Dave Sieras

    Dave Sieras

    Pred dňom

    Its August 4, 2021 and i still watched this

  21. 🙉 Mad World! 🙉

    🙉 Mad World! 🙉

    Pred dňom

    I loved Simon's "yes" 😆

  22. Rich Another

    Rich Another

    Pred dňom

    Please, type in Greta Thunberg connects climate, ecological, and health crisis........

  23. Vaishnav Raj Moorkoth

    Vaishnav Raj Moorkoth

    Pred dňom

    That "wow" gets me every time...

  24. Ma.Loraine Cao

    Ma.Loraine Cao

    Pred dňom

    crying mode on

  25. Resonating Frequencies

    Resonating Frequencies

    Pred dňom


  26. Kathryn Holderman

    Kathryn Holderman

    Pred dňom

    I've watched this countless times and it never fails to make tears run down my face. The emotion that is there, and the way it makes me think of people that I have lost. including my daughter-in-law and granddaughter just over 2 years ago. I miss them both so much. One I never got to hold, and the other that made my son so happy!

    • sexgod6909


      Pred 13 hodinami

      So sorry for your loss.. They are both with you... Always.. Xx💋

  27. Essex


    Pred dňom

    Everyone in there was feeling it hard

  28. dot dot

    dot dot

    Pred dňom

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  29. Luana Marquês

    Luana Marquês

    Pred dňom

    Omg wow I am cry

  30. Blue Star

    Blue Star

    Pred dňom


  31. Jen A

    Jen A

    Pred dňom


  32. Aydin Ayd

    Aydin Ayd

    Pred dňom

    Just for your information: as western "civilization", you have caused millions of sad stories like this one. They are humans too, in case you didn't notice.

  33. Emilia Collio

    Emilia Collio

    Pred dňom


  34. Emilia Collio

    Emilia Collio

    Pred dňom


  35. Emilia Collio

    Emilia Collio

    Pred dňom


  36. Richard Lopez

    Richard Lopez

    Pred dňom

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  37. Eileen Betancourt

    Eileen Betancourt

    Pred dňom

    Simply AMAZING 😭

  38. Tony Fennell

    Tony Fennell

    Pred dňom

    I'm not crying your crying 😢

  39. Rojas Lucio

    Rojas Lucio

    Pred dňom

    no sabia que ed sheeran la había quedado

  40. Pearl 88

    Pearl 88

    Pred dňom

    His voice is so beautiful it actually made me cry😢

  41. Blackstar Boogaloo

    Blackstar Boogaloo

    Pred 2 dňami

    The crowd, as usual, are not listening to this performance but screaming and cheering

  42. Nyakallo Koto

    Nyakallo Koto

    Pred 2 dňami

    So emotional this guy is the best



    Pred 2 dňami


  44. Angelo Meli

    Angelo Meli

    Pred 2 dňami

    Non capisco l`inglese ma la musica la sento fenomenale fantastica penetra fino a toccare il cuore

  45. Olin Pius

    Olin Pius

    Pred 2 dňami




    Pred 2 dňami

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  47. Pica Pau em Português Brasil

    Pica Pau em Português Brasil

    Pred 2 dňami

    Sem palavras para expressar, apenas Gratidão pelo vídeo.

  48. Caite Walshe

    Caite Walshe

    Pred 2 dňami

    his voies is lovely

  49. Caite Walshe

    Caite Walshe

    Pred 2 dňami

    umm i cryed

  50. Zoe Álvarez

    Zoe Álvarez

    Pred 2 dňami

    Nadie: El que hizo los subtitulos:arrrrrrrrrbooooooollll naaajsjsj

  51. Melodie LV

    Melodie LV

    Pred 2 dňami

    Every single time I watch this...I cry my eyes out

  52. Christy Epperson

    Christy Epperson

    Pred 2 dňami

    This was so sad! Dude killed it. His voice was fabulous!!

  53. Christopher Spicer

    Christopher Spicer

    Pred 2 dňami

    Found this today, tears streaming down, so glad I got to hear this...I lost my BF 15 years ago, this made me miss him even more

    • Dikeledi Rallele

      Dikeledi Rallele

      Pred dňom

      I also found it today and it reminded me of a dear friend I lost back in 2010

  54. Katherine Leslie

    Katherine Leslie

    Pred 2 dňami

    Oh Lord have mercy,that had to. come from the heavens.Oh my goodness, millions of views.My phone is crying.Oooo!!!

  55. Sherin


    Pred 2 dňami

    Simon, you don't know how much I feel for you .. Be strong for us

  56. Zero to native: English Grammar & Spoken English

    Zero to native: English Grammar & Spoken English

    Pred 2 dňami

    is anyone from bangladesh like me

  57. nadine norton

    nadine norton

    Pred 2 dňami

    beautifully sad

  58. Mary Dobney

    Mary Dobney

    Pred 2 dňami

    I wait when they put closed caption on there. 😊 ..

  59. Zara Garden280

    Zara Garden280

    Pred 3 dňami

    So emotional,,Simon could not talk

  60. Monette Nucum

    Monette Nucum

    Pred 3 dňami

    Really nice voice, he missed his bestfriend so badly. I can't help but cry.,my heart is so heavy, thnx 4 singing that song.

  61. Keny.Y甘林楊


    Pred 3 dňami


  62. Merlin Estribor

    Merlin Estribor

    Pred 3 dňami

    I cry this song

  63. Merlin Estribor

    Merlin Estribor

    Pred 3 dňami

    Wow so nice the song

  64. Olga welsaira Arcila

    Olga welsaira Arcila

    Pred 3 dňami

    Te felicito estuviste exelente

  65. Codou Diouf

    Codou Diouf

    Pred 3 dňami

    Josh quesque tu devien 4ans plus tard

  66. Joyce Doloque

    Joyce Doloque

    Pred 3 dňami

    I'm jealous of the way you're happy without me. 😭

  67. Jackson Cover

    Jackson Cover

    Pred 3 dňami

    am i the only one who is wondering why his top teeth and bottom teeth are two different colors!

  68. Angelica Mendes

    Angelica Mendes

    Pred 3 dňami


  69. julio parra

    julio parra

    Pred 3 dňami

    No necesitaba concursar es un chico fuera de serie con un talento innatol , lo que requiere es un apoyo de las disqueras para formarse como cantante!

  70. M4R KU5

    M4R KU5

    Pred 3 dňami

    Cry everytime

  71. Angno Jean

    Angno Jean

    Pred 3 dňami

    I m watching you August 2021 you still make me cry 😢

  72. rahul banerjee

    rahul banerjee

    Pred 3 dňami

    There was lot Simon can speak,but he didn't

  73. youtube Not

    youtube Not

    Pred 3 dňami

    Nicolas your hearth is hard you are not cry just like simen .

  74. Pantherking


    Pred 3 dňami

    If EVER anyone needed an example of what it is & what it means to be a man, a REAL man, put this on repeat & take notes! The way society dictates that men should bury their emotions & only women are the ones who should show feelings has to change. A real man, as much as a real woman, owns his feelings & shows them to the world to prove that he's real! It doesn't get any more real than this!

  75. Rihani Noureddine

    Rihani Noureddine

    Pred 3 dňami

    it is by far a beautiful and special voice I tried to contain my tears but in vain.

  76. Anna Dudkiewicz

    Anna Dudkiewicz

    Pred 3 dňami


  77. Nimon Bareh

    Nimon Bareh

    Pred 4 dňami

    R.I.P his friend 😢 Nice song BTW 👍

  78. Julie Redman

    Julie Redman

    Pred 4 dňami

    So beautiful

  79. Fernanda Vieira

    Fernanda Vieira

    Pred 4 dňami

    It's so beautiful make me cry you have wonderful voice. Congratulations.

  80. Eric FIELDS

    Eric FIELDS

    Pred 4 dňami


  81. Зоя Шипилова

    Зоя Шипилова

    Pred 4 dňami

    Почему ТАКОЙ несуразный перевод?

  82. Julie S.

    Julie S.

    Pred 4 dňami

    Love It 8/1/2021, Just lost 2 friends in a year, very sad ❤🎶🎧🎵🎤❤

  83. Sus Jordhøj

    Sus Jordhøj

    Pred 4 dňami

    Just say wooooooow 💜💜

  84. Manjot Singh

    Manjot Singh

    Pred 4 dňami

    I lost someone 🐶 who understands me💔🥺😭

  85. Manjot Singh

    Manjot Singh

    Pred 4 dňami

    I lost someone 🐶 who understands me💔🥺😭

  86. Brett King

    Brett King

    Pred 4 dňami

    I remember watching this on t.v 4 years later I'm watching it on SVwhite haha God Bless everyone!

  87. ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍɪɴ ᴍɪɴ ⟭⟬

    ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍɪɴ ᴍɪɴ ⟭⟬

    Pred 4 dňami

    My friend died too

  88. N H

    N H

    Pred 4 dňami

    I cry every single time I hear him sing this.

  89. Happy Mathias

    Happy Mathias

    Pred 4 dňami

    Josh is so humble ❤️

  90. Marty Fox

    Marty Fox

    Pred 4 dňami

    It's hard for me to not cry 😭 with this song and I'm very proud of him for doing the song

  91. VEGWAY


    Pred 4 dňami

    What are the judges' names?

  92. Boss Lady 2021

    Boss Lady 2021

    Pred 4 dňami

    I will be going to audition in September I am nervous but for once in my life I want to face my fears 🙏

  93. mo blum

    mo blum

    Pred 4 dňami

    in his voice is spoken an angel. so a lovely voice

  94. Erin Colley

    Erin Colley

    Pred 4 dňami

    I just felt what Simon felt... I lost my mom May 23rd 2021... It's very fresh still.... I love you Simon. I wish I could go through and give you a hug.

  95. Frank Latham

    Frank Latham

    Pred 4 dňami

    Find yourself a friend like Josh!!

  96. Marciane Santana

    Marciane Santana

    Pred 4 dňami

    Que lindo !!ele cantou com a alma

  97. Ssenyonjo Yunus

    Ssenyonjo Yunus

    Pred 4 dňami

    This was so so so emotional